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Teresa woke up suddenly in a cold sweat.

'It was just a nightmare,' she thought to herself as she cradled her heavily pregnant belly. 'Just another nightmare.'

As she stood to get out of bed, the baby inside of her belly kicked, and hard too, as if he somehow sensed his mother's distress.

Teresa smiled and looked over at her American husband. It had been little over a year since he had come to the Philippines and swept her off her feet. Now they were married back in the States and she was eight months pregnant with their first child. Hopefully the first of many.

She decided not to wake him and went downstairs for a glass of water after slipping on her silky night robe. Admittedly, it was more than a little frustrating that her husband hadn't really touched her all that much during the pregnancy. Especially now in the third trimester, she often found herself horny and lonesome. There was only so much mas...
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I met Jenn online while playing a role playing game. Our charaters met at a dance club. I started talking to her and soon was hooked we spent a lot of time together and got to know each other pretty well. Soon I was invited to become a vampire, with in a few months I was elevated to the position of Master Vampire, Jen was one of my minions she was really nice and extremely sexual.

We started out talkin about sex, then having cyber sex, then one day she asked to watch me masterbate, I agreed. Now I know what I was thinking and what most of you are like SUCKER! But I didn’t care I began by stripping for her and I could hear the excitement in her voice. She would then in great detailed tell how she would suck my cock and swallow every last drop of my cum. Then I heard her turn her vibrator on and tell me how if felt sliding in her pussy. It was to much I exploded all over my desk.

It took me about two weeks to talk her in to letting me watch her. She sh...
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