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Fantasy And Reality Merges (Part 4)

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After getting back to condo, we change into our suits we bought and head down to the pool. We changed in Jim and Sarah's condo and we didn't think anything of it when we both stripped down to change. It was the first time I had been this close to another female since my childhood days, and this was totally different. I wanted to look, but didn't want to look. As we both hurriedly and nervously changed , we both kept stealing glances. Her body was gorgeous, thick and athletic like mine and no tan lines at all. Her areolas were a little larger than mine, and thought I could see her nipples stiffen. Her pubic hair was shaved to just a vee above her pussy. We put on our wraps and headed down with the boys. All afternoon, the teasing and flirting was non stop. We were merciless with the boys. I was giving Brad glimpses of my shaved pussy as Sarah was doing the same to Jim. Of course, a by product of this kind of display was Jim got a glimpse of me a few times and I am sure Brad...
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Fantasy And Reality Merges (Part 3)

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Good morning baby... I rolled over, opening my eyes, 'Good morning.... Brad was up and dressed holding a cup of coffee for me. You going to stay in bed all day, if so, I coming back to bed with you.... Lol. That's the only way I would, if I had you in me... Come on, plenty of time for that, let's get going, you have to meet Sarah in about an hour, let's go grab some breakfast and you girls can go do your thing and get back to the pool.... With that, I got up, got ready and we headed out. After grabbing a quick breakfast, we got back to the condo where a note was left on the door. 'We're in 615A, come on up..., signed Jim and Sarah. Grabbing Brads hand I head for the elevator. Whoa, you in a hurry?, which one has you so excited to see them?..., Brad had that devilish grin going and I knew what he was thinking. You wish!!!..., slapping his arm. Laughing we head up and knock on the door. Sarah answered the door and she looked radiant!!! There was that feeling again...
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Fantasy And Reality Merges (Part 2)

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After a grinding week at work for the both of us and stopping to eat, it was about 10PM when we reached our condo. We both were tired but were not ready to turn in. We decide to go to a little bar next to the condo that was quite busy for a Thursday night, however it was July and it was full of vacationers like us. We go in and grab a couple of seats at the bar. Looking at each other, we both grin, knowing the other is thinking the same thing, no kids, no phone, no work, just us.

As we are enjoying our second round, a couple comes in, sits next to us and strikes up a conversation. She is a cute little blonde built a lot like myself, wearing a light colored sundress and open toe sandals and he is about Brads height, a little thicker and in pretty good shape as well. Both had nice tans that rivaled our own just had that look, the one that screams 'we are free', lol. Turns out, they have a lot in common with us and we seem to hit it off immediately. Before we knew i...
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Fantasy And Reality Merges (Part 1)

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Let me start by telling a little about us. I am Sherri and my husband is Brad. We are your typical late 30s, early 40s married couple. We have two wonderful kids which consume quite a bit, well, most of our time. We are both professionals, have demanding jobs and all the normal stresses and issues that most families have. We do however take a little different approach to life than most in society today. We deal with whatever each day brings us and move on. We do dwell and the what ifs... in the world and daily grind. We have a wonderful marriage, very active and passionate sex life, and are completely in love with each other. But like all relationships, keeping things exciting takes work and effort, something we both know, understand and take seriously.

Like most, we take our normal family vacations and of course, Brad and I try to get away for the occasional adult only mini vacation.... We enjoy the mountains as well as hitting Daytona Beach any chance we get. With the...
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My Husband Watched

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I'm 35 years old, 5' 6" tall with, my husband calls the sexiest legs in town, with 36c breasts that don't really need a bra except to hide my extra big nipples. I work out regularly and have a very nice build that's envied by most of my friends.

My husband Bill is a year older than I am, and is in top physical shape himself. We have three children and have been married 10+ years. We had never really discussed any fantasies with each other while making love. Although I did seem to notice that Bill would become very horny, whenever we went out dressed up, especially if I dressed kind of sexy. I have to confess, I also enjoyed the looks that I got from the other men too.

One evening last fall, our friends and neighbors and us were to go over to another couples anniversary party. Bill was upstairs still getting dressed, and I had gone downstairs to the laundry room in my robe and panties to get a clean bra out of the dryer. Our laundry roo...
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Wife Wants To Experience Large Cock

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This is a true story about my wife of 20 years, Mary. She is a very petite 40 year old brunette, 5-1 105 pounds. She has a very nice body for her tiny frame, with a nicely rounded ass and small but very firm, perky tits with huge nipples. She is very shy and we have never done anything out of the ordinary sexually. Try as I might I could never get her to try anything new, anything exciting or risqué. Don't get me wrong, she's a great fuck and still turns me on greatly. And she always draws the eyes of men wherever we go. But she has been completely faithful to me and I don't think she even notices that other men stare at her and would give anything to do her. The only guy that I think she has ever even given a second look is my best friend Mike. She always gets giddy when he is around, even to the point of getting flustered and saying things that don't even make sense. He obviously does something for her and it's pretty obvious from her behavior, although she...
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Mary Gets A Present

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Mary and I have been swinging for about 5 years and have experienced almost everything imaginable during that time. But recently we got a surprise when a couple contacted us for an unusual adventure. They had noted from our profile on a swinger site that Mary was Bi, enjoyed light BDSM, and was a collard submissive. Mary has a total personality change when her collar is on. The male, Jim, made the contact with us. He said his wife was a submissive and he was her Dom but they were very new to this and wanted our help. When he found out we had quite a bit of experience in and around the BDSM/Sub/Dom world he became very interested. He said His wife, Jill, was free to do anything or be used in any way and he just wanted to watch. He wanted to come to our house and deliver Jill to us in a hood and watch as she was played (spanked) on our Cross and Mary used her in any way Mary wanted to. He said Jill would be instructed to do anything we told her to do and she would belong to us for the ev...
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Me, The Milf Returns!!

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I just had to write and post what happened last Saturday night. Let me start by saying my name is Kelly. I am happily married to a wonderful man who until a few months ago I had been faithful to for our 24 year marriage. The night a few months ago happened during our college kids Halloween party. I had just fucked my husband silly and was wandering out side when I overheard some of my sons friends commenting that Dannys mom is a fine milf. At the time I did not know what a milf was. I found out soon enough as four of my sons college friends took me into our guest house and I fucked and sucked all of them for three hours, while my husband and son were in a poker game.

Since that night my sex life with my husband has increased dramatically, I cant seem to get enough of his fine cock. He has been asking me what happened to his wife who only wanted sex occasionally. I told him that with the kids gone I was always ready now and had no excuses for not wanting his cock. I...
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Room Service

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Lisa and I had been both having a stressful week at work so we decided to go some place for the weekend and have some fun. We got a room at a nice hotel in a city a couple of hours away. That Saturday we went downtown and did the normal tourist thing. We went back to the hotel around seven o'clock. Lisa fixed her a nice hot bath to relax. Lisa said she felt like staying in instead but assured me we would still have a good night.

As she was getting out of the tub she asked me to order some room service. About 30 minutes later room service knocked on the door. Lisa walked out of the bathroom and said she would get it. When I saw her my jaw dropped. She was wearing a very short completely see-through red night gown with a matching red thong. I had always joked with her about giving room service a thrill but never thought she would do it. She smiled and winked at me then opened the door. The guy who brought our food looked stunned when he saw Lisa. He looked about 20 or...
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My Most Erotic Night

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My husband and I have been married for 25 years. My name is Beth and my husbands name is Steve. We have been swinging for about three years. Until we started swinging, I was the only woman that he had ever been with. Just before that I had been seduced by my best friend, Amy, and her husband, Rob. This is how it all started.

Amy and Rob moved into our neighborhood several years ago. Amy and I became friends as soon as we met. Even though I had never felt an attraction to women, there was something about Amy that attracted me right from the start. The way she carries herself and acts seems to attract both men and women. She has a wholesome girl next door appearance that belies hers sexy and sensual personality.

Since my Steves job involves a lot of travel and Rob was working evenings at the time, Amy and I started spending a lot of time together. Eventually I found myself becoming quite infatuated with her. I was careful to keep my feeling to myself. I...
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