Flight Home brings a new Enjoyable Adventure

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My wife, Kendra, and I are heading home after a wonderful vacation on the West Coast, but neither of us is that excited about the redeye flight we have coming up to get home. As we're heading to the airport, Kendra can guess something is on my mind.

"What's up honey, you have a shit eating grin on your face? You can't keep a secret, spill it."

"Nothing honey," I say, "Just had a great vacation with you."

As we get to the airport, we check our bags and head through security. We got there a little early and then I take her hand and lead her into one of the family bathrooms and lock the door.

"Baby, what are you doing?" Kendra asked.

I don't say anything but drop to my knees and unbutton her pants and slowly pull them down. I have her lean back against the sink and I slip off her shoes and pants. I start to kiss up her legs and gently kiss her pussy through her panties. "God honey, thanks for a great vacation, I thought we should end it with a bang."

I slide off her panties and use my hands to push her knees apart a little. I am on my knees and start to go up to her pussy. I have her sit on the edge of the sink as my tongue starts to slowly lick the lips of her pussy. I spend a lot of time just teasing the lips with my tongue, darting in and out between long slow licks.

My tongue moves up to her clit as I slowly slide two fingers inside her welcoming pussy. I use my fingers to take her to the edge and then pull them out and then being to tongue fuck her hard and fast. I take one of her legs and place it over my shoulder, making her sit on the porcelain sink as I ravage her pussy with my tongue.

As she's on the brink, I slide another finger in to give her more stimulation and have her come all over my face, so wet from the huge orgasm I just helped her have. She leans back against the sink, trying to catch her breath and I look at her and say "Kendra, I have a favor to ask."

She smiles and says, "After that, anything!"

I reach into my carry on and pull out a bag from the mall. After I hand it to her, she opens it and sees some kind of clothing and starts to pull it out.

"Baby, I know you're not a big fan of wearing skirts and dresses, but I saw this and thought you'd look good in it," as I smile and add, "And we might be able to have fun on the plane."

She looks a little annoyed I sprung it on her and before she can say anything, I turn on the sink and get a big handful of water and throw it on the pants she was wearing. I smile, "Ooops, I guess you have no other choice."

She was probably going to put it on after I asked her, but I used the water just to make sure. She slides the skirt on that is almost floor length and very loose and flows well. I smile and say "And by the way, we got upgraded to first class, so the flight home should be much better and more enjoyable."

We get our seats in first class, have a few drinks and enjoy dinner. The cabin turns off the lights for the overnight flight and before long, she feels my hand run up under the skirt as I looked over and smile. She notices that the skirt has a few openings along it and instinctively opens her legs. We don't say a word, just make eye contact as my hand works its way between her legs.

For the next twenty five minutes, my fingers slowly tease her thighs, pussy, and clit. Not enough to make her come, but enough to take her to the edge and make her pussy ache. I pick up the pace a little and lean over.

"Do you want to come?"

She looks and closes her eyes and nods. I wasn't sure if she would really let me get her off in a plane, that's why I teased her so long, to make it harder to say no. Normally, Kendra is very loud, vocal and likes to move a lot as she gets pleasure. But now that's she's confined to a seat on the plane, I have more fun teasing her, trying to get her off while not letting anyone else know.

When she agrees, I use my fingers quickly on her clit. I can tell what she likes when her legs tighten on my hand and I rub harder and faster. After a minute or two, I pick up the pace and see her breathing actually stops as she tries not to scream or moan too loudly as she climaxes hard on my hand.

I lean in and kiss her on the cheek and say, "Hope you enjoy the flight baby," as I recline my chair and close my eyes. She closes her eyes and falls asleep.

In less than 30 minutes, my hand goes back under her skirt and does the exact same thing. This time, the teasing lasts about 45 minutes. When I let her finish this time, the orgasm is even more intense as her pussy is soaked and throbbing.

I smile and pull down the sleep mask and turn to the other side. After about an hour, she feels my hand on her leg again. She looks over and smiles, with a cross between total excitement and god, not again. But this time, she feels something different as something goes on her pussy lips and then starts to enter her. After a second, she realizes I brought a toy on with me and surprised her.

I continue playing with and fucking her pussy for a few minutes but then she feels something totally new as I turn the vibrator on. She leans over and whispers, "Honey, no, people can hear."

I just smile and continue to press it against her clit and it doesn't take long until she shudders and her pussy contracts once again. I start to close my eyes, but this time, I feel her hand go over my crotch and start to rub my cock through my pants. She smiles as she gets a blanket and covers up her hand. With the blanket hiding anything, she takes down my zipper and starts to stroke my cock fast and hard.

I lean back and enjoy the sensation as she works her magic and strokes faster and faster. I'm on the edge as she looks around the cabin and when no one is in sight, she leans down and goes under the blanket. It doesn't take much more than a few seconds for me to finish hard in her mouth. She takes it all and swallows it and tucks me back in and zippers me up. This time, she closes her eyes and we both fall asleep until we land.

A few days later, a couple friend of ours, Jill and Brian, invite us over for dinner. We have a good time and after too many drinks, we're sitting around chatting and our vacation comes up.

Kendra spends a lot of time talking about the trip and then as the alcohol takes over, starts to talk about the trip home. I'm slightly embarrassed that she brings it up, but the alcohol I've had helps hide the embarrassment.

Jill marvels at hearing it and says how lucky Kendra is to have a guy like me that loves to go down on her so much, even in an airport bathroom.

She smiles and says "I would say so, but he's pretty lucky too that I love to give blow jobs too."

Brian's ears perk up about her desire to suck a guy off and Jill says "God, Brian would kill to have a wife like you. I keep trying to do it, but I hate it so much."

Jill adds, "He's like a 16 year old – Blow me, give me a hand job, swallow my come, let me give you a pearl necklace."

Kendra laughs for a second and Jill asks, "What's up?"

Kendra smiles and says, "Well, this weekend, I would have to say Check, Check, Check AND Check!!"

I turn bright red as she said that. She said enough all night about the flight home and with innuendos, but this was much more blatant.

Jill comments that with everything you said, we must live out all of our fantasies. Kendra has another drink and says "Well, we have a good time, but there is one I have but could never make it work out."

Brian is more into the conversation and says "What is that?"

Kendra looks at me and I am red, but before I can say anything, she says, "I've always wanted to blow two guys at once and have Drew watch."

Jill and Brian both look at each other in shock and Kendra adds, "We would do it in a heartbeat, but never found the guys or a couple that would work. We want someone we trust and we know is clean and it wouldn't freak out."

Jill looks at me at says "Drew, you'd really let her do it?"

I turn bright red but confess, "Yes, we talked about it and think it would be erotic as hell. It would have to be someone we trusted though."

Brian is really hammered and blurts out, "Well you trust me."

Kendra smiles and says, "Yes, of course, but who else?"

Without missing a beat, Brian adds "How about my friend Jeff, he's single and good guy?"

Kendra says, "The baseball coach, he's hot," and Brian nods.

Kendra says, "Brian, if you can get Jill to agree to it and get Jeff here, we're game, right Drew?" She puts her hand on my throbbing erection as she asks the question and I nod.

Brian pleads with Jill and she isn't sure if It's a joke or not but says yes and Brian hurries up and calls Jeff and invites him over. He lives across the street and comes over. Soon Brian tells him the fantasy and asks if he's game.

Jeff say,s "Shut the fuck up, no way," thinking it's a set up. Kendra walks up and puts her hand on his crotch and pulls down his fly and starts to stroke him right there. "Since you're single Jeff, I don't think you mind if I do this."

Jill and Brian are stunned as Kendra does it right there. "Brian, it's your chance, promise Jill anything and you'll get your rocks off I promise."

We are sitting on chairs by the bar as Kendra drops to her knees and takes off Jeff's pants and pulls down his boxers and start to lick and kiss his cock. She looks right at me as she does it and says "Thanks baby, I love you so much" and immediately goes back to sucking another man's cock.

We are all shocked at watching this happen. I knew it was a fantasy of hers but never thought it would occur and Jill and Brian are speechless and Jeff is there holding my wife's head and starts to fuck her mouth hard and fast.

After a few minutes, she pulls back and says, "Brian, get over here now." He looks at Jill for permission.

Jill is stunned but doesn't say anything. Kendra says, "See Brian, she hasn't said no, she wants you to have your cock sucked now get over here."

In a matter of seconds, his pants are around his ankles and she takes his full erection and starts to suck it hard and fast. Both Jill and I are sitting there, watching this is total shock as she pumps his cock. Then for the next 20 minutes, she goes back and forth between the two guys, giving them oral satisfaction.

When Brian is at the edge, she focused on him and sucks hard and strokes and then then swallows his come and without missing a beat moves over to Jeff. As she's sucking his cock, she keeps her hand on Brian's cock, trying to get him hard again. Her hand goes up and down on his cock, getting him back erect.

All the sudden, I feel a hand on my cock and look down and see Jill has put her hand on my cock and pulled it out. "God you're so hard Drew and this is so hot, as Jill starts to stroke my cock.

Kendra works on Jeff until he comes hard and she swallows her second load of come in less than five minutes. She looks up and sees Jill stroking my cock and gets a big smile and goes back to Brian and giving him the best oral ever. He's standing before her as she looks up, worshipping his cock. "Brian, I want you to come all over my tits."

He moans as she says that because Jill will never do it and she works her magic. She looks me in the eye as Jill is stroking me and when she sees I'm getting close, she picks up the pace. Within a matter of seconds, I come hard in Jill's hand and on my pants and Brian shoots his second load all over her tits.

As we sit on the bed to recover, Kendra smiles and says, "Thanks for taking care of Drew Jill, I think he might have come in his pants without your help. That was fun."

Kendra says, "Brian make sure you take care of Jill tonight and show her how much you appreciate her for letting you get a free blow job from me."

She looks at Jill and says, "Remind me during the next girls night, and I'll share Drew's fantasy of you."

End of Story.
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