Gas Station Hottie

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Tessa had been alone now about a month while Johnny was overseas working. She had contact with him daily through email and conversed weekly on the phone. Although she yearned for more, she was content with what she had at the moment until his return.

Her daily routines were the norm, go to work, come home, clean up, and busy with photography, a book, or working out. Anything at this time was convenient to keep her mind of being alone. The normal day to day life was mundane, but she knew what Johnny had talked about this being very beneficial to their getting back on track financially. He didn’t enjoy being away from her, anymore than she enjoyed him being gone for six months. Plus, Tessa was very motivated to getting back into some form of shape she could be satisfied with while he was gone; both medically and physically. Johnny supported whatever she wished to do as long as they could talk about expenditures of a large amount, but there was no cause for worry at all with Tessa. She knew what needed to be done and how to get it done.

Personally, Tessa was making due on a sexual level with her abundance of toys in her possession. Laid out on the bed, a couple glasses of wine, and a hot level of imagination to use for inspiration other than just wanting her Johnny cock, she indulged regularly. Tessa was used to getting lots of sex from her Johnny and was missing that wonderful tongue of his about now as she began to massage her pussy lips slowly. Thinking of how he dove in deep with his tongue into her pussy lips, she quaked from her first orgasm of the evening. Tessa sipped her wine slowly and then prepared one of her favorite dildos for insertion. Turning on the device, she moved gently over her pussy, moistening the tip with her sweet juices. Ever so meticulous, Tessa edged closer to her opening and pushed just enough for it to enter and thus began the erotic venture of fantasy using her imagination to wonder off as she plunged just the tip in and out. Johnny does this with precision to drive her nuts before going deep to the hilt and listening to her wonderful gasp for breath. It is music to her ears as she pictures his cock going ever so methodically back and forth into her pussy, watching it makes her very wet with anticipation. She moves with an eagerness, but doesn’t go so fast as to make this short-lived, Tessa wants an explosion. Deeply, she drives the man-like feel dildo into her pussy with the balls felt on her ass to replicate being driven hard. Tessa pulls the cock out to the tip, back in to the hilt, and then slows to just the tip again teasing her slit with the vibration that is stimulating all those nerves in her labia. Over the course of ten minutes, she teases herself, bringing to the brink of euphoria, only to delay that intensity until she is ready to blast off. Tessa is ready for send off and quickens her pace, now plunging in heartily, she is reaching the moment of no return and pictures Johnny’s cock going deep one last time. As the dildo hits bottom with her thrusting, she twists as the waves overflow in her body to a degree few ever reach. Tessa is unique and very keen to the process of masturbation and understands completely this is a new height in orgasm for her. The pleasure is measurable, because she knows that new levels are only an orgasm away.

Coming down from her sexual high, she eases out the dildo still vibrating her pussy walls. Breathing heavy is nothing new with this kind of orgasm for her, so taking a break is essential to enjoying further fun. Tessa dips her fingers into her lips and tastes the wonderful juice dripping from her snatch. She coos with delight as the flavor is sweet and very erotic to her senses. Relating to the sexual urges, she makes time to unravel from the sensitivity of this moment and recover before going back for more. These explosive nights do not take place very often, but she does ensure the orgasms happen every few days to keep her sane with no real cock at home to satisfy her needs.

Tessa needed gas going to work one day and stopped near her work to fill up. While waiting, a mustang pulled up and out stepped this very good looking guy with a very hot tan. When he exited his vehicle, his eyes caught hers and they locked for a momentary gaze and a polite smile. Tessa topped off her tank as she could feel his eyes upon her as he pumped his gas, then stepped into her car with him staring intently at her legs. 

Tessa went to work as normal for the next week and then needed to fill her tank again before work the following week. Again, this mustang pulls up as she is filling up and she notices it is the same one from last week. He pops again and they gaze briefly with a smile like, look who showed up again. Tessa looked down and just chuckled a little while continuing to fill the car. This time however he commented on her car and told her it was a nice ride, Tessa returned the compliment about his car. It just happened to be the new stang we were looking a few months back. Adam introduced himself and said that he worked in the area; Tessa introduced herself and replied she too worked up the street. She completed her fill up and wished him a wonderful day and said it was nice meeting him. His eyes never left hers as they parted ways again for the day.

A couple weeks went by since Tessa had been back to that gas station to fill up and the curiosity starting getting to her whether or not he would be there again the next time she needed gas. A month later she pulled into get gas in the morning and he was already there this time. She stepped out in her hot white pants and revealing blouse, prepared for the possibility. Tessa looked smoking hot, as she had been working out and was starting to get that confidence back, although she never needed it, she always had it. He stared at her body and finally opened his mouth to say hi as his tongue was tied with the rest of his body at this moment looking at her. Tessa smiled and stared at his hot body through her sun glasses. As she turned to pump her gas, Tessa could feel his eyes staring at her tight ass and with the sun hitting her, he would clearly be able to see the thong riding the crack of her ass. Tessa loved this attention and feeling of total control with this hot guy. The guy was mid-thirties, black hair and stash, with deep brown eyes standing just over 6-feet tall and a very athletic build.

Tessa made some small talk with the guy until she was done, he lingered after finishing and finally popped out the blue a question she wasn’t prepared to answer. How would you like to have a drink with me sometime, coffee, or even dinner. Tessa pondered the question and didn’t answer until finishing her fill up. Well, let me think about it and I will give you an answer. He said, how will you contact me, she replied, I know how to find you now don’t I. Adam smiled and said well I guess you do.

Next week arrived and there again was Tessa at the gas station when he pulled up. As he exited his vehicle, he said good morning Teresa, how are you this morning. Tessa replied, fine and you? Adam inquired, have you given some thought to my invitation and Tessa informed she had, and Adam asked? Sure, Tessa said, I will have a drink with you. Tessa told him a place near the airport and to meet her there on Friday. Adam agreed and asked are you sure you are going to be there, and she assured him she would be. 

Throughout the week Tessa played a little more with the toys and picturing Adam’s face painted between her legs as she massaged her pussy. Orgasms came a plenty to her fantasy of having something stiff between her legs, but she held no expectations given this one drink.

Friday came, it was very busy and stressful at work, now Tessa was really looking forward to unwinding and having that drink. Tessa had told him to meet her at 6:30 at the Skyline restaurant lounge. When she arrived he was already there, relaxing with a cool beer and looking very refreshed. Adam greeted her with a gentlemanly handshake, which she thought was very nice and polite. He asked what her drink of choice was and she said a nice glass of merlot. They chatted at the bar and then decided to move to a booth. As time passed, Adam said he hadn’t eaten yet and asked if Tessa would like to get some dinner, Tessa hadn’t eaten either and decided to indulge since she had to eat anyway and the company was very pleasant thus far. As they moved with him in tow, Tessa could feel almost the glare on her ass cheeks, as her Johnny does so often, watching her beautiful sway across the floor. 

They ordered dinner and ate, having wonderful conversation along with consuming more drinks. Tessa was feeling very flirty and the conversation turned seemed to be getting hotter with the glares back and forth between them. Adam asked if she wanted to return to the lounge. Tessa replied sure feeling very good inside and a little bit hot from the company. Adam placed his hand on her hip as he guided her along the way, she didn’t resist as he did not attempt to move any further South. Tessa head was spinning with possibilities as the evening was progressing. She remembered Johnny’s words of support as he pointed out, that this feeling of need was natural and would not affect us in any way. Right now, she was taking that to heart with this little devil marching behind her with his hand caressing her hip.

They sat in a booth, low light, and back of the lounge. The crowd was good with music playing, no band tonight, just the after work crowd looking to escape the weeks stress. Adam ordered another round and they resumed their conversation of heated topics. The brazenness was applicable to both at this point, asking bluntly what kind of pleasure they both enjoyed. Since they were seated other the side of the booth, Adam took the lead and rubbed on Tessa’s thigh to gage her reaction. When that was met with little resistance, he moved further north to see where his stopping point was at this moment. Tessa glared back at him and then did one better by grabbing his crotch and see his eyes widen with surprise. He wasn’t expecting that and by her grasp, Tessa could tell the surprise might be all hers when the night was done. Adam’s hand was moving plenty all over Tessa’s pussy through her slacks and could feel the heat in her loins. Adam informed her that it seemed she was quite warm, to which she replied, yes, what do you want to do about that now? He stammered, trying to come up with his next line as Tessa chuckled while he came up with a nervous reply. Well, we could, that is if you want to, work our way over to a hotel if you like. Tessa showed her response by squeezing his hardening cock with her hand. Adam said they would have to sit for a bit until his excitement had declined a bit before standing. She laughed and said ok, we can just relax while you move some of that energy elsewhere, lol.

When the excitement of the moment had decreased, they got up and left for the hotel across the street. Adam paid for the room while Tessa waited in the car. Tessa’s mind was racing with fantasies at this point and some resistance to going through with it, but she was hot and in need of some real flesh. The resistance faded when this hot gentleman tapped on the window and opened her car door. Tessa stepped out and let him lead the way, this time staring at his plump ass, something to grab onto she thought naughtily. Still, they had not had their first kiss and she questioned what he had in store when they went to their room. It was Friday night, so she was not going anywhere all night long and that was becoming a very firm reality as they approached the door to the room.

As they entered the room, he finally made his move. When the door closed he said right with his face to hers, I’ve wanted to do this since the day I laid eyes on you. Tessa didn’t reply, just leaned forward and kissed his lips. Adam was slow with his kissing, meaning to Tessa he meant for this evening to go on for a very long time, which was just fine with her. The clothes came off one by one until they were standing naked at the door still passionately kissing each other. Adam’s hands caressed her breasts to his lips as he suckled the nipples first one and then the other with great care to make sure she moaned with approval at what he was doing. Tessa’s hands roamed over his hard body, firming gripping his luscious ass, then moving to his Johnson to grip what was to be her surprise. He was so thick she could barely fit her hand around the base, the head was so big it made her moan with even more pleasant thoughts of how that would bring immense sensation once inside of her lips. He continued licking all over her tits and stomach, slowly working his way down to her Mons. The first lick of his tongue to her clit, as she placed her hands on his head, led to a loud deep gasp when he sucked on it like a pearl nestled in a perfect clam. She was so wet when his fingers entered that chills raced through her body, but that was just the first orgasm combing the surface of her nerve endings and vibrating all over with his tongue. Tessa braced against the door as he drove deeper into her labia with his wet tongue encouraging the electricity to continue all over her body. With his consistent pressure the orgasm never stopped and she could feel her juices run down her thighs as weakness began to affect her ability to keep standing. Adam stopped just enough to let her regain her strength to stand. He rose to meet her lips once again to taste the sweet treat he had just enjoyed. Adam was soaked around his lips with her nectar and she licked around his mouth to get every bit of that juice. 

He finally spoke the first words either had uttered since they entered the room and began this little tryst of lust. Adam asked if she enjoyed that, Tessa laughed and acknowledged his proficiency with a reply, saying let me show how good that felt. As she knelt to the floor, her first glance finally came at how nicely equipped Adam was and the fun she about to have with this firm cock. 

He was leaking pre-cum so much as the anticipation was reaching an ultimate high at this moment. Tessa stroked him and took her first lick, glaring into his eyes as she tasted his pre-cum. Thank goodness it was sweet like Johnny’s. At that moment, she closed her eyes and fantasized that she was licking his cock. Her mouth opened wide and took that head to enjoy this wonderful piece of meat. It tasted as good between her lips as she eased down the shaft as far as it would go. Tessa was mesmerized thinking about Johnny’s cock with this stranger pole sliding in and out of her mouth slowly to enjoy what is so enjoyable with him all the time. She moaned as his hands pulled back her hair to watch the utter in transitory state Tessa was in at this moment. Her hands massaged his balls, ass, and thighs as the sucking sounds grew louder with her fascinating gratification at sucking his cock. Adam let out his own moans of satisfaction at what was going on and building to a peak almost too intense to keep from blowing. As hard as Adam tried, Tessa was intent in her own fantasy at this moment not to wait any longer to have her treat. Her hands gripped Adam’s ass, bobbing up and down on that saliva covered shaft to gain momentum in his excitement. His sounds told her he was getting close to the point of no return and it only fueled her efforts to make him cum hard. What happened next, she couldn’t prepare for, but only recall something her Johnny had showed her once about a heavy cummer named Peter North. Adam blew his first rope into Tessa’s mouth and it hit the back of her throat with a force that made her release him to swallow. The next landed across her face and then another before she could get her mouth on it again and swallow. He kept cumming with less force and she gulped as fast as he was spewing his juice. Adam came for a good 30 seconds by her estimates and the treat was delicious as she conveyed to me later. As she fantasized about me, he emptied what was left of his first load into her mouth. Tessa moaned in delight as he convulsed from the sensitivity on the head of his cock, shaking as she moved the head back and forth between her lips.

Adam withdrew with cock from her mouth and grabbed a warmed towel to help clean her face, but not before tasting himself and sharing it in a kiss with Tessa. That sent shivers through her body as he shared his own cum with her for a long hot kiss. They laughed as Adam tried to get the cum from her hair and just decided to get in the shower and clean up. He asked if he could share with her and by his hand led him to the shower.

They got in and let the water cascade over their bodies and he started by kissing her once again. Then he roamed over her tits to suck on them hard, he was thirsty for more of Tessa now that they had cum together. Her hands nestled him close as he sucked hard on her nipples. Tessa grabbed the soap and lathered him up in a sexual shower massage, reaching his cock and stroking him back to hardness. She turned around and placed his raging hard on between her ass cheeks and moved up and down making him moan as his hands roamed and squeezed her breasts. Together, they lathered up, rubbed, and licked each other all over. Adam let her rinse and then dropped to his knees as Tessa put her leg over his shoulder and guided him to the heat between her thighs. Adam dove in and sucked on that clit as Tessa’s head threw back in agreement to his direction. He ravaged her quickly to another orgasm as she breathed heavily as the shear exhilaration it brought to have him fucking her twat with that tongue. Long strokes with his tongue up and down her labia, then shoving his tongue up inside of her as far as it would go. Tessa writhed with pleasure as it rampaged through her nerves to have once again this continuous orgasm saturate through her entire body. He was reaching places not touched in some time since her Johnny left and that toys could not accomplish. It was flesh and a man’s touch that was different, at this time it couldn’t have felt any better.

Adam came up and Tessa turned around ready to receive for the first time this large hunk of meat from him. He rubbed the head against her lips that were dripping with excitement; as he pushed the helmet slid past her labia and penetrated with delight as she cooed to him. Easing in more, Tessa pushed back to take it all and was rewarded with a sensation long awaited. It felt filling as she massaged his cock with her pussy and he returned the thrusts softly, making her feel every thick inch of his hardness. The slapping of pelvises made it so erotic and Adam loved every second of her warm tunnel as he plunged deeply with each insertion. Hands placed on her hips, she picked up the rhythm of pace to reach her orgasm. Adam’s cock was sensitizing every nerve ending in her pussy and she was about to explode all over him with some Tessa juice to his surprise. In a moment, she blew harder than in a very long time and he felt the rush of warmth coming from her pussy, but was unaware if it was the hot shower or her orgasm. Quaking, Tessa pushed hard back against him as she shivered under his thick cock filling her pussy with delight. As she began to slow, he picked up his pace and squeezed her tits just as the flow of cum started from his loins into her love canal. The blast sent her into another orbit as the orgasm flooded her pussy into oblivion, totally satiated by his seed. Adam pumped forever into her pussy until he collapsed on top of her, kissing her neck and sucking on her ear lobes. She quivered when he kissed her neck.

Together, they cleaned up and moved out of the shower as it was now running out of hot water. Tessa was still inebriated and very insatiable at this point. She wanted his cock all night long, in her mouth, in her pussy, and maybe anywhere else he would choose to explore.

As they approached the bed, Adam gently pushed her over the mattress and knelt behind Tessa. His hands caressed tight ass and the tongue she felt made her melt into his grasp. Adam pressed his lips to her ass, one side then the other, making sounds as he roamed over both cheeks. His fingers played with her pussy as he parted one cheek to lick her ass. Oh how good it felt to feel his tongue there, probing the depths of her hole as he fingered her pussy. The wetness was again running down his fingers and her thighs as his tongue continued to lick feverishly into that tight ass of hers. Adam was finger fucking her good and Tessa was moaning don’t stop as the sensations filled her erotic passions. He fucked her tight hole good and his fingers did their job as she shook from another orgasm under his precise sexual skill. Adam was very good at what he was doing and this would carry Tessa a long time after this night of fucking him. 

As the feeling subsided, she rested on the bed as his tongue now found her pussy lips and feasted again like a man starved for food. Adam slowly licked, sucked, and nibbled his way all around her pussy. First on the outside, working his way in and then starting all over, driving her insane with anticipation of her next orgasm at the hands of this hot stud. Finally, he nestled on her beetle and took hold of it, flicking with his tongue back and forth to a point she could no longer contain herself within. Tessa grabbed his head and ground her pussy into his face and his hands reached underneath her ass to push back against her clit. She exploded, squirting all over him. Adam succeeded at finally confirming what he guessed had happened in the shower, Tessa was a squirter and he was unquenchable at this point, now knowing she could cum like this all over him. He rose and buried his once again hard massive meat into her with one smooth thrust all the way to that thick base. Tessa gasped as he filled, eyes rolled in the back of her head as he pounded her pussy, hoping to get another luscious squirt out of her. She urged him to continue sensing just what he wanted and told him to fuck her harder and he complied with more powerful bottoming out thrusts that had her screaming for more. 

Adam had already cum twice, so he was more than capable at this point of continuing for a very long time with unreal stamina. Tessa was quaking from the vibrations within and would need very soon to take a breather and let her pussy rest from the sensitivity of her continuous orgasms. He pummeled her twat until she moaned and squirted once again all over him, the bed, and that thick cock ravaging her pussy. He withdrew his cock and she shook, moaning from the enchantment of the moment of shear bliss from this good fucking she was receiving tonight. Adam moved up the bed to her mouth to have his cock cleaned. Tessa grabbed that shiny meat and stroked him as she caught her breath, then like a starved animal, she stuck that cock in her mouth, licking every sweet piece of juice she could savor. As he rested on the bed, Tessa moved and started salivating all over his cock and balls; stroking him as her tongue glided over every inch of wet member. Adam moved her hair to watch as Tessa sucked his cock, licked his balls, and stroked him slowly. Her methods met with moaning and him asking her how much she liked to suck his cock. She moaned her approval and when he asked if she wanted another sweet load in her mouth, she responded emphatically by telling him to feed her some cum. Adam dropped his head and as Tessa sucked and stroked more, the sensations of her mouth and hands sent him off in another earth shattering, body quaking shiver as he blew another load into her waiting mouth. Tessa caught and gulped down his stream of juice with fervor as the sweet cream coated her throat. It was delicious and she wanted it all. She cleaned him up and moved to lie next to him. They kissed and once again he tasted his own cum on her lips and tongue and they shared her treat.

Resting, they fell asleep, when Tessa awoke and looked at the clock it was almost 1am. She felt him, but not next to him, he was kissing between her thighs once again, licking her twat. Her hands cradled his head and instinctively she thrusts her pelvis into his warm tongue. Adam fucked her with that tongue in and out until she exploded all over his face again. She had cum so many times this night and still wanted more from him. Adam placed his hard cock at her opening, pushing the just the head in and teased her with short strokes. Her legs resting on his shoulders, he went a little deeper with each stroke, until pushing deep causing her to gasp once again at his thick base. It filled her pussy so good and the awareness was incredible at well he knew a woman’s body. Adam wasn’t rough, just stiff enough in his motion to cause immense pleasure in her inner walls. It helped that his 8 inch thick cock was perfectly filling every little space inside of her. He powered into her twat repeatedly as she requested and prepared for another mind blowing orgasm. Just as she was about to blast off, he let go a huge rope to her wall and put her over the edge as she squirted juice harder than she had ever, soaking them both. Adam continued to fuck her through his orgasm and hers, Tessa screamed out how good it felt and not stop his plowing. He complied until his raging cock and softened, then plopped out with a huge river of cum flowing down the crack of Tessa’s ass. Again, he surprised her, bent down and started cleaning her up. From her ass to her sensitive clit, he licked all of his cum and sucked the remainder from her cunt lips. Tessa was impressed and erotically charged by this act and completely turned on again. She watched him intently as he licked her pussy clean of his cum, then rising to share her juices with his in a hot tongue filled kiss.

Very well spent from this hot session, they both fell asleep until morning. It was 8am when Tessa opened her eyes. Adam was still asleep and she slowly moved out of bed to the bathroom. Her body was covered in dried cum, but what and enjoyable experience it was doing so. In the shower, she could feel cum dripping from her pussy as her fingers rinsed inside. One long stroke and the sore twat was inflamed and begging for more. No sooner did that thought pass and the shower curtain opened with Adam and morning wood. He stepped in and they got close and kissed each other. They soaped up and cleaned every part of their bodies erotically touching, massaging, and kissing each other as they did so. Tessa didn’t know how strong he was until picking her up and placing her pussy over his hard shaft. She reached under and guided him to her opening and then locked her arms around his neck. Tessa bounced steadily as he held her legs up with tremendous ease while kissing her. She loved to kiss while fucking and he wouldn’t release her lips as he pushed and pumped that lovely pussy again and again. Tessa moved away far enough away to whisper fuck me fuck me fuck me Adam. He gained momentum and pummeled her pussy until she couldn’t hold out any longer and creamed all over his cock as her breath was heavy and loud. Her moans of pleasure vibrated through his meat and into her love canal as the continuous orgasm reverberated through her legs, shaking her entire body. He was cumming so much; it ran down his thighs as he made no attempt to stop her from cumming more and more. His cock was morning wood and the stamina was outstanding for her to enjoy one more go around with this hot piece of meat. 

Adam let Tessa down and turned her around facing the shower wall as he re-entered her inflamed pussy. She was grabbing his cock underneath to put that wonderful cock back inside of her. Tessa had just got back to her senses when he plunged deep again and started railing her walls with his thickness starting the gyrations through her loins. The orgasms wouldn’t cease, they continued over and over as he massaged her pussy with that thick pole. Again and again he pushed his assault as she begged for him to give it to her harder. Adam answered the call, grabbing both sides of her hips to slide that cock out to the tip and then deep into her twat. Tessa was enjoying every inch of this last romp and couldn’t stop the feeling of all over erotic passion felt in this cock of his buried in her snatch. The nerves in her pussy just stimulating continuously as he was like a piston moving in perfect rhythm with her hips to suck that cock in even deeper each time he thrust.

Adam gave in, he could go no more and Tessa was exhausted. They showered, dried off, and walked out of the hotel together that morning totally comfortable in their little tryst. One needing the enjoyment the other sought for the same reasons, something real. The toys are one thing, but nothing can replace a good stiff hard thick cock to make a pussy feel good.

They shared a kiss, a thank you, and a good bye; for they would never meet again, but boy what a story to explain into words this night of unbelievable fucking to Johnny. And he would be ok that she took his advice and made herself feel good for one night. He would still love her and even more when she was sitting on his lap relating the details of that night while bouncing on his cock upon return.
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