Just The Neighborly Thing To Do

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Our sex life is far better now than even before we were married and I didn't think it could ever get any better than that. It's been over a year now since Dan (my husband) admitted his bisexual desires. My first reaction was shock and, I must admit, a little jealously. 

If you've read my first two stories you know by now that my shock and jealously were short lived and quickly replaced with a strong desire to make my hubby's fantasies come true. We talked first about them during sex. I would vividly describe the most beautiful pictures I could conjure up involving Dan with another man and me. The dirtier I made my talk the harder and more excited Dan would get. I drove him wild and realized that I needed to actually see and be a part of some real time bi play. Our desires eventually were satisfied many times over since his confession to me. Our fondest memories were of the meetings we encountered at our favorite hotel bars. 

First it was Gary and then it was Ken and then we both kind of lost track of their names. Over the last several months I witnessed my very straight husband transformed into a cock sucking, cum slut. First we resolved his blowjob fantasies. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing load after load of cum with him but it only spawned new fantasies in Dan but within me as well. Recently, I found myself with a strong desire to watch, close up, and assist too when Dan takes a large cock deep into his ass. OMG, it's the best. Now neither of us can get enough and the hotel bar visits are taking their toll on our finances. This leads me to the story I'm about to tell. 

About a week ago a great looking guy moved into the house next door to ours. Dan was as excited as I was to see him moving in and immediately gave me the task of finding out all I could about him. It's not hard for a long legged woman with great tits to attract the attention of the guy next door! So I put a plan together, kept my eyes open for the perfect opportunity and patiently waited. My hubby wasn't quite so patient however. He'd no sooner get in the door after work, kiss me warmly and then inquire about our neighbor. He is always disappointed when I tell him that we haven't met yet. 

Well, Spring has finally arrived and today is a great day to put a plan to work to meet our neighbor. It's so beautiful in fact, that I donned my shortest shorts and a fairly revealing top and tennys but underwear somehow slipped my mind. After checking myself out in the full length mirror, I started for the back door to subtly survey the yard and garden damage done by a pretty severe winter. 

I began to wander the yard pretending to check bare spots in the lawn, bending, at times, to get a closer view of plants while I slowly moved toward the small row of shrubs nearest our new neighbor's house. When I found myself in the best position to be seen, I bent forward from the waist to view some new blooms and to fully expose my 36D's to anyone that might be looking from the house next door. Needless to say it didn't take long before a 40ish year old man came out his back door with a box he was delivering to his garage. Faking a chance encounter he stopped to say hello and introduce himself as Jim, our new neighbor. I said hi, my name is Kate, my husband is Dan and we welcome you to the neighborhood. We chatted for nearly thirty minutes and in that time I stooped several more times pretending to be concerned with the shrubs. 

Jim was very talkative and only paused in his chat to check out the view I would provide from time to time. In the time we spent together, I found out that he was indeed 42 years young, more gorgeous than I first thought, had a small law practice that he was moving from the Chicago area and that he had recently divorced. I also noted what I believed to be a VERY nice package and maybe a growing concern in the tan slacks he was wearing. 
Before parting company, I made sure to mention that we should get together soon for a drink and so he could meet my Dan. He readily agreed, wrote down his phone number and then we went our separate ways. 

Did I have a surprise for Dan. When he arrived home, I greeted him with a tall glass of white wine and the good news. He immediately said we have to call him but I felt it would look better if we waited a few days and that we should use that time to plan our attack. Dan begrudgingly agreed. That night Dan and I fucked like two college kids. I made it even better by including the neighbor in some dirty talk... play. I told Dan that I wanted him to watch from below while Jim sinks his 9 ½... cock into my dripping pussy. I wanted him to lick my clit and Jim's balls while he pumped me full of his hot cum. Then I told him that I would reach back, spread my pussy lips and allow him to drink the cum out of my soaking wet cunt. I told him that when he was finished cleaning me I wanted to see him take the same care of our guest licking his cock clean and rimming his tight ass too. Dan loved the visual we were both getting from my dirty chat and he came several times, in buckets! He was a man possessed and passionately dove down to eat me clean both times. I was in heaven! 

Over the next two days, I pondered how we might find out our new neighbors sexual orientation. I wondered, would he respond favorably to the knowledge that my Dan was bi and that wanted his cock as much as I did? How could we spring this information on him? That would have to be done very wisely I concluded and then began to formulate my plan. I would get Jim to come in to the house while Dan was working. Maybe some contrived emergency would work. 

While I completed my plan I decided to test Jim's degree of interest. Our second bedroom faced his living room window and I could clearly see into his house when his curtain was open. Our bedroom window, being much smaller only provided a good view when the sun shown in, in the early morning hours. The next evening I opened the bedroom dr*pe and window to get some fresh air circulating in the house. The next day the sun shown brightly so I decided to unveil my nudity and passed by the bedroom window several times. It wasn't long before I sensed a welcome observer. Jim was partially hidden by his curtain but he was too engrossed in the show to worry about it. At one point I went to an adjacent room on the same side of our house to see what he was up to. Well, to my delight, Jim had a very hard dick in his hand and was stroking it for all he was worth. I appeared in front of the open window several more times and fondled myself just long enough to know that I had helped to get my voyeur-neighbor off today. 

This answered at least one question. He was genuinely interested. The next question was going to be more difficult but I was sure I could get the answer we needed. Dan had another story coming tonight and I knew it would also mean that I'd have my brains fucked out again too. But who was I to worry! LoL After another wonderful love making session tonight, I briefed Dan on my plan to get Jim into our house to fix an emergency then accidentally, on purpose leaving our favorite bisexual group sex porn flick out where it would most certainly be noticed. Dan was amazed and readily agreed that it was perfect. I told him I would put it to work the following day and we both slept soundly with that sweet dream 

This is going to be a big day! It's Friday morning and it's the ideal day to have an emergency, have a neighbor come to my rescue and make him aware of our sexual orientation. Then find out for sure if he'd like to join us for dinner or more. WOW! 
I purposely picked out a thin see through blouse and wore a new pushup bra with short cutoff shorts. Then shortly after 8:30AM and after I placed the porn video in a strategic spot, I called our neighbor in something of a panic. Jim, I bellowed, can you help me? My bathroom bowl won't shut off and I'm afraid it's going to overflow and flood the house. He was there and to my rescue just as planned. I properly ooooodddd and awwwwdd then offered my savior a cup of coffee that was promptly accepted. I TOLD Jim to have a seat in the living room and that Id get our coffee. That should give him plenty of time to see my prop, I thought. 

I graciously came back in with a tray of coffee, cups, creamer and bagels I took the time to toast. Appearing startled and embarrassed at seeing the porn video right in front of Jim, I picked up the film and showed him my flushed face before delivering the movie to my bedroom with a sly but unseen smile. I returned and apologized profusely. That's when Jim admitted that he enjoyed what he saw and wondered if he might borrow it some time. Well, this could not be working better if it were scripted for a movie, I thought. I immediately followed it up with how bout coming over for dinner tonight.... I need to thank you properly for your help and Dan had hoped to meet you before now anyway. Jim smiled and graciously accepted the invite. We decided on 7PM as he left my front door. 

I called Dan at work with my mind swirling at the possibilities of what the evening might have in store for us. He was ecstatic and promised not to be late. Now I must get busy pulling together my favorite recipe. I'll be serving an Italian salad, cheese garlic bread, veal scaloppini and, for dessert, our next door neighbor if things work right. Three bottles of our best red wine will be at hand and a bi porn movie will be ready and waiting. 

Seven o'clock finally arrived and Dan answered the door with a warm welcome and introduction. He offered a tall glass of red to our guest as I was announcing that dinner was served. We spent the next two hours eating, drinking, laughing and getting better acquainted. As the wine began to take affect, we learned that Jim's divorce had been final for about a year and since that time he has had very few opportunities for sex. My Dan just laughed and said Kate should have volunteered to help with that by now. We all had a chuckle but if only they knew my mouth was actually drooling. T hat said, I decided to scold Dan in front of our guest for leaving his porn out where Jim got an eye full yesterday. Both boys blushed and laughed before Jim admitted he fantasized about a bi experience all the time. Dan asked him if he'd acted on the fantasy and Jim said yes, several times.... 

Shortly after 9PM we all retired to the family room where more wine and more sex talk continued until I declared that all this chat was making me very horny. I reached for the remote and dialed into a beautiful bi porn flick already in progress. I moved to the sofa and sat down next to Jim, reached for his right hand and placed it on my left breast while I drew his lips to mine and kissed him passionately right in front of my wonderful husband. After a long slow French kiss, Jim searched Dan's eyes for a response. Dan's only response was a thumbs up and a smile. In just a few minutes, clothes were everywhere and we were all laying naked in front of the TV. Jim couldn't keep his hands off of me and slowly directed his kisses to my thighs and pussy. Dan fondled and caressed my breasts and was kissing me tenderly when Jim's attention abruptly left me. I looked to see what had happened and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Jim was holding Dan's VERY hard dick at it's base and sliding his mouth slowly up and down the full length of the shaft. I immediately felt my juices fill my inner thighs and I moaned my pleasure. He was treating my husband to an expert blowjob and Dan's moans told me he was thoroughly enjoying it too. My hand went directly to my pussy and I quickly filled it with four fingers just before my own orgasm took hold. My spasms worked to bring Dan to a heightened state. When Jim recognized that his new found friend was about to cum he began to work his hand in unison with his mouth and prepared to accept Dan's hot load. I witnessed the most beautiful site when Dan arched his back, rolled his eyes and shot fully into Jim's mouth. Cum oozed from the corners of Jim's and down his chin. I reached down with my fingers, cleaned his face and fed myself the sticky treat. 

We eventually turned the TV off and retired to our king sized bed. Dan asked Jim to fuck me while he watched and Jim eagerly obliged. Dan layed on his back while I positioned myself doggy style over him. Jim entered me very slowly and deliberately from behind and I felt every inch of his pulsating 8 ½ inch cock as it penetrated my sopping wet snatch. I instinctively reached down to finger my clit but my Dan had his own ideas. His mouth sucked furiously at my clit while Dan increased is pace. A white gooey mix formed around Jim's shaft that was churned from the juices that freely flowed from my well stuffed cunt. I heard myself using four letter words I didn't know I knew and then saw Dan move up to lick the goo from Jim's dick. It was soooooooo beautiful and so erotic to see. After what seemed an eternity, I felt Jim's cock grow even larger and begin to pulse in an all too familiar fashion. He was about to cum and I wanted every drop of it. I screamed fuck me, fuck me, I want your hot cum now... and then I heard Dan moan loudly as his cum was flowing and spurting from his own unattended prick. He was so turned on watching this man filling his wife's pussy that he needed no manipulation at all. My attention was short lived because at that moment Jim's cock erupted in it's own orgasm and spurt after spurt covered the walls of my grateful womanhood. His climax lasted long and when he finally softened and pulled free of the pussy that was greedily trying to suck it back in, Dan replaced the void with his mouth and tongue. I, once again, spasmed wildly with another orgasm and forced more of Jim's cum into my husband's waiting mouth. It's never felt soooooooooo good! 

We slumped into a pile of spent, motionless sticky flesh and all dozed for about an hour. I was awakened by groans that I thought, at first, was snoring. I was again, pleasantly surprised when I saw Jim mounting my man from behind and watched as his cock slowly disappeared into Dan's bottom. I was instantly wet and fully aroused at the site. Jim went slowly and rhythmically at first and then I heard Dan say fuck me hard.... Jim obeyed and began to ram him with gusto. I was in awe when I reached Dan's ass cheeks and I spread them with both hands to get a better view as well as to allow Jim better and deeper access. I began to shout orders and four letter words fell out of my mouth again. I wanted Jim to fuck him and cum in his ass and I wanted to suck it out of him and OMG, he did fuck him hard and he did unload a gallon and I did lick him clean I tongued Dan's ass and then drove my tongue in as far as I could to get every drop of Jim's sweet nectar. 

We ended Friday evening the following afternoon. You know how it goes when ya get to talking to new friends! Time just flies bi. LOL We've played weekly since that day and I have plenty more to tell. 
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