My Boss The Bitch

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Date: February 23, 2014 (7 years ago)

I've working for this company for about 6 months now. The owner Ms. Pam aka The Bitch is not an unattractive woman. Dark hair, nice rack, long legs, and if not for her controlling attitude, someone I might want to gobble my knob. She must have been pushing 40 and was always wearing her hair up and dressed in her custom made St. Johns business suits. My name is Jeff and I'm in my early 30's. One day around closing time most of the employees had already left especially Dave the young intern who always seem to be trying to slip out early. Pam asked me to come into her office. She wanted to go over some numbers from one of our house accounts and had me sit at her desk to look at her laptop. She kept intruded on my space as she leaned over close to me to point out various accounting numbers. I didn't think much about it at the time but she excused her self and went to her private bathroom for a minute. I noticed that there was a tab left open on her laptop which was titled My Pics and curiosity got the better of me and I clicked it as she was out of the room. I couldn't believe what I saw. There was pictures of her in all stages of undress, lots of them were in various stages of domination with both men and woman. I really had to get a good look at the ones with her carrying a riding crop and spanking her partners. The pictures had scenes of guys fucking girls but she was never one the the ones getting fucked. She was more like the director of these sexual liaisons. I was so engrossed that I didn't hear her reenter the room. "Do you like what you see?" Pam asked as I nearly jumped out of the chair.

I mumbled feebly, "Sorry." As I tried to click the pics off. I then noticed her blouse was unbuttoned down the front and her hair wasn't up like usual. She reached down and grabbed my crotch. I guess I was slightly aroused and she squeezed my semi hard cock and stated, "Oh, I see you did enjoy the pictures." She led me to the leather sofa with her hand tightly around my balls and started to unzip my pants. I started to object when she interrupted with something about did I like my job. When she pulled my bad boy out she cooed that she thought I had a big one. Now she was right about that. All the men in my family have had large cocks and mine was 8 inches long and thick when fully erect. She dropped down on her knees and engulfed my cock with her wet mouth. She pulled her tits out of her bra and I could feel her hard nipples drilling holes in my thighs as she sucked my cock like a pro. She pushed me down on the sofa with her mouth never leaving my dick. I didn't know what to think but my cock did and it was saying don't stop. I laid back to enjoy it. As she sucked my hard dick she put her hand around the base of my dick and pumped it as she gave me an intense blow job. I noticed her hike her skirt up over her ass and then slip her other hand underneath her pantyhose and I assumed she was fingering her own cunt. Soon her muffled moans confirmed it. I heard her garble, "Pinc mi ipples." I leaned forward and twirled those eraser tips between my fore fingers. "Arder!" she ordered. I squeezed them roughly and the bitch started moan screaming as she pistoned my cock. She was giving me one sloppy BJ as I saw her ass bucking back and forth.

This little slut was going to cum. She tried to take my cock completely down her throat a couple of times and she almost got it all the way down before she backed off of it and screamed, "Yeesss!" She humped her hand and jerked wildly as she brought herself to climax. Her saliva covered mouth collapsed in my lap after she finally stopped cumming. My cock was aching and I told her I was close but she was in no condition to do anything about it at this time. I slid out from under her face and got behind her. I pulled her pantyhose down to her knees and exposed some white granny panties. I thought that was strange for a hot slut like her to be wearing those kind of panties. As I pulled those down she muttered something like don't. My rock hard cock wasn't listening. I grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy and shoved. "Damn," I felt some resistance but it wasn't because of a tight cunt more like a full one. "No!" she cried. I pulled my cock back. Her cunt lips were clean shaven and there was a tampon string hanging out. The bitch was on the rag. My cock wanted some satisfaction and for a moment I thought about shoving it in her ass but no way my thick cock was going there without some lube. I reached down I pulled that tampon out of her cunt and tossed it on the sofa. I then shoved my cock into her cunt before she even got over the shock of me pulling out her blood soaked rag. As I filled her balls deep she let out a little gasp and then said, "You'll pay for that." I didn't know what she meant but I didn't like her tone. After all she had gotten off and now it was my turn. I slammed her hard. I quickly began to stroke her deep and even if she was upset her motor started running again. She was softly moaning as I was loudly grunting. Her cunt was twice as juicy due to her condition and already cumming earlier.

But I could tell she loved the fullness my thick cock was giving her. Her moans turned to a constant barrage of fuck, fuck, fuck over and over. I pounded the Bitch to the point she had to put her hands against the back of the sofa so her face wouldn't get rammed into the leather. We were both in lust and the sounds of fucking filled the room. I don't know who was enjoying it more but I knew my release would soon follow. The Bitch beat me to it and she screamed out, "Fuucckkk!" Her pussy quivered around my cock and it only intensified the release I was yearning to give her. My cock twitched and then exploded sending streams of white hot semen into the depths of her womb. It seemed my cock would never stop cumming as I poured load after load into her mensing cunt. I held still inside her until the sensation started to recede and the I slammed her hard a couple of strokes and came some more. When I finished I withdrew my sensitive cock from her pussy and fell back on my haunches. Her cunt looked like hammered shit and she was completely exhausted from our little tryst. I could see a combination of semen and menses starting to ooze out from her gaped cunt. She weakly pulled her white granny panties up in time to keep the carpet from becoming a big mess and I watched her panties become stained from our co-mingling. I was mesmerized as the spot grew bigger and bigger as sex cocktail oozed out of her freshly fucked pussy. I gazed on it for awhile and then she told me to leave. She was still on her knees laying on the sofa when I left through her office doors. The place was empty and I stopped at my desk before heading down the hall. I heard Pam yell out, "Gracie, I need you!" I saw Gracie who was her 20 year old personal assistant come out of the bathroom as I hadn't completely shut her office door. She must have been in there the whole time we were fucking. I thought it was strange that she was there but I just went straight to my car and home.

The next day at work she gave no indication that anything had happened between us. I did notice that Gracie seemed to avoid me more than usual. A few weeks later Pam had an office party at her house and everybody was there. Lots of food and drinking. In fact Gracie's husband seemed especially getting sloshed. When the party ended he was comatose in a chair in the living room and Pam told Gracie that she should let him sleep for awhile and that she could help her clean up. I noticed Dave slipped out front door. I guess to avoid having to help. Then Pam also asked me if I could help do the same out by the pool so I agreed. After about 10 minutes picking up some cups and plates, Pam stuck her head out her bedroom patio door and ask me to help her. I went inside and she wasn't there but I cleaned up what little I could find. Her bedroom had lots of mirrors and I noticed she had a king sized poster bed. That's when Pam emerged from the bathroom. She stopped inside the door frame and stood there letting me get a good look at her. All she was wearing was a red and black corset. It was the type that held her large breasts up and out while allowing them to be completely exposed. The bottom ended well above her exposed pussy with garter straps that held up her thigh high black hose. A pair of spiked heels made her legs extremely long and at their junction was a completely bald cunt with a triangular patch of dark black pubes above her slit. In her hand was a riding crop that she was tapping against her leg and then she walked toward me and said, "It's payback time." As she got nearer my mind was telling me to get the hell out of there but I couldn't take my eyes off of this dominatrix.

She was fucking smokin. She ordered me to get undressed and I paused for just a second before she hit my ass with her crop. It did sting some and I dropped all my clothes in under 30 seconds. She walked around me and then slid the riding crop between my legs slowly raising it up to my scrotum. My cock wasn't erect at this point and she said,"Aren't you a little excited because I certainly am." She looked to the bathroom and yelled, "Gracie, get in here!" I couldn't believe what I saw coming out of the bathroom. Although her husband was passed out in the living room she was bare ass naked in the Bitch's bedroom. Unlike Pam, Gracie was very petite and blonde. Her breasts were smaller but ample and stood on their own. Her cunt was bald as a baby's butt and her ass was tight as all 20 year olds are. All she had on was a spiked leather collar around her neck and a chain was attached to it leading to some kind of restraint that held her hands together in front of her. She was an absolute beauty and my anticipation of what was going to happen next was raising my erectile index. Pam pushed me onto the bed and then ordered Gracie, "Get him hard!" Gracie looked at me with a reluctant obedience and started licking my cock. It responded quickly and soon she was sucking the length of my 8 hard inches.

Pam walked back and forth behind Gracie encouraging and ordering her to suck me good. She would place her crop between Gracie's back side from time to time and stroke it slowly around her cunt and ass. "I may be cumming soon," I muttered. Pam smacked Gracie's ass hard with her crop causing her to bite me cock slightly with her teeth. "Don't talk unless I permit it or you will be punished!" Pam screamed. Gracie continued to suck me and I noticed Pam rubbing the crop between her pussy lips. The bitch was definitely getting off to watching us. "Enough," she yelled and grabbed the back of Gracie's head and pulled her off my cock. She told Gracie to get on all fours next to me. With her backside exposed Pam started to eat her out as I lay there and watched. She must have been a pretty could cunt lapper because Gracie was biting her lower lip and seemed like she was trying not to lose control. Her pussy betrayed her and she started a girlish whimpering as her pleasure grew. Wham! Pam slapped her ass hard with the crop again. "Only I receive pleasure from this, not you slut!" she screamed. Pam was breathing heavily as she licked Gracie juices from around her mouth. She then ordered me to fuck Gracie doggie. I glanced quickly to Gracie and I saw her reluctantly approve what I was going to do to her. I wasn't fast enough and I felt the sting of Pam's crop too. I jumped off the bed and scrambled behind her. "The little slut is wet enough, I want you to fuck the shit out of her tight little cunt." Pam ordered.

The scene was intense. Here was this sexy beauty, head down, ass up, waiting for me to fuck her. Her husband was in the next room albeit passed out. Pam moved up for a closer look also and spread her ass cheeks wide. We both observed this wet glistening shaven pussy with a small pink ass hole sitting above it. "You want to fuck her don't you?" Pam asked. "If you fuck her good, I may let you fuck her ass too." I did want to fuck her. How often does one have a willing 20 year young pussy staring them in the face. I rubbed my enormous cock head up and down her entire wet slit. I pressed forward and her pussy yield to my dick as I gently but firmly pushed more of it in. Her pussy was ever so tight and wrapped itself around my shaft like a lovely soft glove. I savored the sensation which I could only describe as delicious. I began to pump my cock into her sweet cunt as Pam told me to fuck her harder. "She like huge cocks, don't you slut?" Pam asked. "Uh huh," Gracie moaned. Pam struck her ass hard and yelled, "What did you say!" "Yes Mistress, I love huge cocks." Gracie responded. Pam ordered me to fuck her harder. So I picked up the pace and Gracie began to moan louder. Pam begin to rub the crop on her own pussy and continued telling me to fuck Gracie good. The Bitch was getting off to watching me pound Gracie. She reached down and grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard. The pain shot through my body. She released them and then told me not to cum until she ordered me too. She hopped up on the bed and placed her cunt in front of Gracie's face. "Eat me!" she commanded. Gracie followed her orders and Pam started groaning. It took awhile for me to feel comfortable from having my balls crushed and then Pam told me to keep fucking the little slut. I started fucking Gracie and now both woman were moaning. I have to admit it was pretty hot having my cock inside of Gracie wet cunt as she ate out Pam.

The intensity of the woman's moans grew louder and louder and it was Gracie who came first. I could feel her cunt quivering as she climaxed from the fucking my thick pole was giving to her. She must have stopped eating Pam when she finished cumming as Pam yelled for her to keep eating her. Pam grabbed the hair on the top of her head and pulled her mouth against her. She faced fucked Gracie and soon she too came. "Fuck, yesssss!" she screamed as she got off on Pam's mouth. I was going to cum after witnessing the two of them and had to withdraw my cock so as not to cum as I was ordered. Gracie collapsed on the bed and lay there whimpering. Pam regained her composure and climbed off the bed next to me. She grabbed Gracie's legs and pulled them over the edge of the bed. She looked me straight in the eyes and told me to fuck her in the ass. I looked down at Gracie's defenseless backside and told Pam I didn't want to. She grabbed my sack and told me if I liked working at the office that I better do like she said. She ordered Gracie to spread her legs apart and I stood between them. I spread her ass apart and placed my cock at the entrance to her tightest hole. I pushed forward and Gracie yelled out as my head entered her ass. My juiced covered cock wasn't enough lubrication for her small asshole and she continued to scream as I pressed forward. "Please Mistress, please!" Gracie begged, "He's too big." Pam relented and pulled a bottle of lube out of the night stand and squeezed some down the crack of her ass. I gently worked my cock back and forth and soon my shaft was tolerable inside her ass. Her ass was extremely tight but soon I had nearly all 8 inches inside her. I was getting a nice rhythm going when Gracie's husband Jerry and Dave came through the patio which I had left open. Jerry had a camcorder in his hand and proceeded to lay down the law to Pam. It turns out she was taking advantage of Dave too. She was using her position to exact sex from certain people in her employment. Jerry had faked being drunk to get it all on tape to have the goods on The Bitch. Pam wasn't in any position to argue. I had already pulled my cock out of his wife's ass and he gave me a look that told me it was OK and he understood. Then Jerry told her, "It's payback time." Dave and Jerry pushed her down on the bed and told Pam to eat his wife out. Gracie positioned herself in front of Pam and ordered her, "Eat me good!" Jerry undressed and got behind Pam and slapped her ass hard.

He forced his way between her legs. His package was a good size but not quite as large as mine but he slammed it hard into Pam's exposed cunt. He pounded her without any thought to her pleasure. He wanted to fuck the Bitch like a piece of meat for what she had done to his wife. Gracie was well on her way to climax as she watched her husband pounding her bosses' pussy. "Make me cum," she screamed and cum she did, "Aaahhhh!" When her shrieking stopped I couldn't believe it the Bitch was moaning also. She was getting off to being used like this. "No way!" Jerry yelled. He ripped his cock out of her cunt and she yelled like somebody stole something from her. Jerry climbed in front of her and ordered her to open her mouth. He shoved his cock down her throat and literally started to face fuck her. I heard he grunt loudly and I knew he was shooting cum into the back of Pam's mouth, "Swallow it, Bitch!" I could she her Adam Apple working overtime as she took all Jerry had to give her. He kept her face pulled against his groin long after he had finished cumming I assume to make sure she swallowed every drop. He then told Dave it was his turn. I hadn't noticed but Dave was already butt naked and his cock was huge. It was even bigger than mind. He flipped Pam onto her back and pulled her ass over the edge of the bed. Then he shoved her legs over his shoulders exposing her cunt with an angle that would allow him maximum penetration. And he didn't start off with any pleasantries. He just shoved as much cock into her wet cunt and started slamming her. He was even more angry than Jerry and he pounded her unmercifully. "I'm going to give you the fucking you deserve." he told her. Even though Pam's was getting abused by this young stud and her motor was racing and she cried out over and over, "Fuck me, fuck me." It didn't take Dave long and they both came together. Dave slammed her pussy so hard it shoved her back onto the bed and he collapse on top of her. I heard them screaming Bitch and Mother Fucker at the same time as Dave's load flooded her cunt. His ass continued clinching for nearly half a minute.

I had never seen someone cum so much before. When he got off of her his cum started pouring out of her cunt immediately. Pam was a mess and just lay there like a used candy wrapper. Jerry asked me if I wanted a go. "No more, please no more," Pam begged. I looked down at her nasty cum filled cunt and her mouth which had received two facials already and it was like Jerry was reading my mind. "There's one hole left." he stated with a grin. "Nooo!" screamed Pam as that statement brought her back from her post orgasmic stupor. Jerry and Dave both grabbed her and turned her over onto her stomach. Gracie placed a couple of pillows under her raising her ass off of the mattress. I climbed on top of her thighs and she was totally helpless. The crack of her ass and inner thighs were covered with Dave's large load. I heard Gracie whisper something in Jerry's ear and he soon picked the camcorder up and began filming. I assume they wanted to tape Pam's degradation. "Spread your ass for me," I told her. Wham, Gracie spanked her ass with the riding crop and said, "You heard him, spread your ass and ask him to fuck you." The tables had turned and now Gracie was in command. Pam reached back and spread her ass wide and begged me, "Please fuck my ass." I was so going to enjoy this. With her ass spread I could still see white cum oozing out of the slit of her cunt and I wiped the head of my cock up her slit and rubbed some cum on her asshole. I pressed the head of my cock against it and it started to slid in. "Aaaarrgghh!" Pam yelped. "No lube for you, Bitch!" cried Gracie..I never paused or slowed down I just continued shoving as much of my cock into her butt.

I proceeded to withdraw and stroke it back in until I had a nice rapid pace going. "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" Pam groaned every time I plunged back down. "Fuck the Bitch harder!" Gracie yelled. Gracie definitely wanted some payback. I grabbed her ass cheeks roughly as I plunged my cock as deep as I could into her butt. It didn't take long as I had been close to cumming several times already. I shove my cock balls deep which knocked the breath out of Pam and I felt my cum boiling as it jetted out of my cock deep into her bowels. Now it was my turn to pour a massive load into the Bitch. "Uugghh!" I grunted and kept shooting hot cum into her ass. Gracie smacked her ass with the crop and I felt her sphincter clamp down around my shaft. "Again!" I yelled. Gracie spanked her again and it felt like her anus was milking me. She continue to spank her and I continued to pump more and more cum into her. It was an incredible, the feeling her grasping asshole was giving me but it was all over too soon. When I finally stopped cuming I pulled my sensitive cock out of her ass and we all stood around Pam with smiles of satisfaction on all of our faces. Jerry said, "All her holes are filled, it's time to go home." We all got dressed and as we left Gracie laid the riding crop on top of Pam's ass as she was still to weak to move from the pounding that she had endure. As we closed the door to her house Gracie leaned over and gave me a nice wet kiss. She turned to Jerry and said, "Do you think we could invite Jeff over to the house some night?" Jerry smiled and said sure. Gracie put her hand on my crotch and told me we could all get together next weekend. Things were definitely looking up.
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