My First Time With Another Guy

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My story begins while my wife and I were on a week vacation in Hawaii. We were staying at a very nice resort that had a beautiful pool. Since this was our 3rd trip to Maui, we spent most of our time at the pool instead of doing the usual tourist trips that we had already did a couple of times. Our trips to the pool became a routine, getting there around noon and staying till about 5 pm. Since we were there regularly we started to chat with other guests and became friendly with several folks around the pool. One couple in particular stood out in that they were a couple of guys, obviously involved with each other, and we soon figured that they were a gay couple. One of the guys was around my age, very attractive and fit. He looked very striking in his tight bathing suit. His partner was older and more reserved. We never spoke to each other but occasionally I would catch his eye and he would smile. It got to where him and I would play cat and mouse to catch each others eye as we lounged at poolside. Now let me explain that I had never had an experience with another man, but I had been to some adult bookstores and was intrigued be the activities going on in the booths in the back. Once I was propositioned but declined. It did intrigue me though about how it would be to have sex with another man.
The more that I saw him, the more the fantasies came into my mind about him, and how big his cock was, and how it would be to be with him. I let these fantasies work in my mind but never thought anything could happen. Then fate took over. We were lounging by the pool and he and his partner were opposite us. My wife was lying face down reading a book. I was looking his way when he caught my eye again, but this time he waved to me. I instinctively waved back. He got up to get in the pool and waved to me to come into the pool also. Since my wife's attention was on her book, I went into the pool and him and I swan over to a cove area of the pool. We started to talk and I soon found out his name was Kyle and he was in Hawaii with his lover but they were not having a great time there. He asked me if I was married and after I told him yes, he asked me why I have responded to his flirtations. I told him that I was straight but I was curious and kinda turned on by the idea of sex with another man. We really hit it off and I found myself becoming sexually aroused just being with him and the thought of how it would be with him. Then out of nowhere I asked him if he would like to go up to my room for a drink. He quickly said yes, and I gave him my room number and told him I would be there in 15 minutes. He took my hand under the water and placed it on his cock which was hard. He said he couldn't wait.

By now I was convinced that I wanted to be with him. I was totally worked up. We separated after he felt my cock and said he would see me in 15 minutes. I went back to my wife who was lying on her front. I was glad about that so she would not see my hard cock. I leaned over, gave her a peck and told her I was going into the hotel to get on the internet to check my email. I told her I would be back in about an hour. She said OK, and that she would probably take a nap.

I went up to the room as quickly as possible. I made myself a drink and took a hit off a joint, then jumped in the shower to rinse off. As I stepped out Kyle knocked on the door. I wrapped a towel around me and let him in. He was still in his trunks and asked if he could rinse off. I watched as he removed his trunks and stepped into the shower. His cock was semi hard but still impressive. He was cut, and clean shaven as was I so that was good. After he stepped out and towel dryed, he came into the room naked and walked up to me and took off my towel. Now I was naked with another man not more than 6 inches from me. I never thought it would be so sensual to be naked with another man but I felt my cock getting hard and he took my face in his hands and gave me a kiss. I was not expecting that but if felt right and I went with it. As I stepped closer I could feel his cock hard against my groin and I wanted so badly to feel it but he move his hands down my sides to my ass and cupped my ass as he pulled me closer to him.

He told me to let him lead me. He pushed me back onto the bed. He started to run his hands over my chest slowly as he kissed my neck and down my chest. His hand worked its way down to my cock and gently started stroking my cock then feeling my balls with a smooth stroking style from experience. I was overcome with pleasure and sensations. I wanted so bad to feel his cock too, but he was in control and continued the massage as I became increasingly turned on by the experience. It felt so good and right that he could have his way with me.

Now he lay with me allowing me to finally feel his cock. I took it in my hand and it felt so natural. I wanted to put his cock in my mouth to feel it, but first he moved down and engulfed my cock in his mouth. My wife has sucked me, but nothing like Kyle did. It was such pleasure. Then he moved over me in a 69 position and I took his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe the sensation of a cock. I thought how lucky women were to be able to suck cock anytime they wanted. I loved the feel, taste, and texture of his cock and how it felt in my mouth. We both went into a rhythm of fucking each others mouths and I could feel the pressure building in me. I was ready to come, I had a fleeting thought to tell him but I wanted to cum in his mouth and have him cum into mine. Then the explosion came. I released and let my cum flood out of me and as I did, I felt him tighten and then release also. I felt his cum into my mouth. It flooded out until I thought I would gag, but he kept sucking on me and I swallowed his cum and sucked his cock until every drop was released.

We broke apart after that and his came up to kiss me again as we exchanged cum. I told him I had to get back to my wife and he had to return also. Before he left, I got down on my knees and sucked him some more just to remember the taste and feel. We got together 3 more times on that trip before it was over. I am now definitely hooked on cock and am always looking for new opportunities to meet new guys. I only wish I would have known about this pleasure sooner.

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