Room Service

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Date: March 4, 2013 (6 years ago)

Lisa and I had been both having a stressful week at work so we decided to go some place for the weekend and have some fun. We got a room at a nice hotel in a city a couple of hours away. That Saturday we went downtown and did the normal tourist thing. We went back to the hotel around seven o'clock. Lisa fixed her a nice hot bath to relax. Lisa said she felt like staying in instead but assured me we would still have a good night.

As she was getting out of the tub she asked me to order some room service. About 30 minutes later room service knocked on the door. Lisa walked out of the bathroom and said she would get it. When I saw her my jaw dropped. She was wearing a very short completely see-through red night gown with a matching red thong. I had always joked with her about giving room service a thrill but never thought she would do it. She smiled and winked at me then opened the door. The guy who brought our food looked stunned when he saw Lisa. He looked about 20 or so, about 6 feet tall and well built. As he walked past Lisa she checked him out and smiled her approval. While he was uncovering the dishes Lisa started up a conversation with him. Within a few minutes she knew his name was Matt and that he was a collage student working his way through collage. When Lisa went to sign for the room service she purposely dropped the ink pen. When she turned around and bent over to pick it up her nightgown lifted up over her ass giving Matt a great view of her round tight ass. She turned around and gave him a big smile.
After he left I told her how much fun that was. I have always enjoyed watching her flirt with other men. We took our time enjoying the good food and company. After we ate I went to take a shower. As I was getting out of the shower Lisa told me she had ordered some wine from room service. I told her with a little luck maybe it will be Matt that brings it up to her. Before she could answer there was a knock on the door. Lisa opened the door to Find Matt standing there with a big smile of his face. Lisa asked him to open it and pour her a glass. Lisa took a sip of her wine; she smiled her approval to Matt then gave him a little pick on the cheek to thank him. He smiled real big and said that if there was anything else he could do for us to just let him know. Lisa looked at me and smiled then told Matt to come back when he gets off work. He didn't know what to say; I told him that would be a great idea.

By 11 Lisa had drunk most of her wine and was feeling just about right when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to see Matt and another guy standing there. Matt spoke first. He introduced his friend as John and said he hope it was alright that he was there. Matt explained that they were room mates and that they rode together to work. I turned and looked at Lisa. She smiled and invited both men in. John was black and about the same height as Matt. Lisa told them she was glade they decided to take us up on our offer to stop by.

Lisa went over to Matt and gave him a small kiss as she started to untuck his shirt. He started to play with Lisa's tits. I sat down in a chair to watch. Figured I would let the action get going a bit before I joined in. John was looking on to not sure of what to do. I told him that Lisa has a great ass and that he should feel for him self. He got behind her and started running his hands over her hot ass. I was enjoying the site of watching Lisa between 2 hot young studs with there hands all over her body. Lisa slide out from between them, pulled her nightgown over her head and laid back on the bed. Lisa had taken off her thong before they arrived and when she spread her legs you could see her shaved pussy. I could tell that she was already wet with excitement. John didn't waste any time. He immediately got between her legs and started eating her pussy. Matt undressed and joined them on the bed. His dick was already hard. He was about 7 inches long and very thick. Lisa started stroking Matt's cock as John ate her pussy. Matt got closer and Lisa started sucking him. John slide 2 fingers in Lisa pussy. He started finger fucking her while continuing work on her clit. Lisa started to buck her hips against his fingers as she had her first orgasm.

John got off the bed to undress. Matt moved around and got between Lisa's legs. Lisa let out a moan as he pushed his fat cock into her pussy spreading her lips wide. I got up and got on the bed so Lisa could suck my rock hard dick. Matt started to grunt as he started to fuck Lisa hard. John finished removing his clothes. His cock was about 8 inches long and at least as thick as Matt's. John stood beside the bed. Lisa started to stroke his cock while sucking mine and getting fucked by Matt's fat cock. Me and John had a great view of Lisa's pussy getting stretched by Matt. After just a few minutes of this Matt that started to moan that he was coming and pumped at Lisa's pussy hard. When Matt pulled out of Lisa John was egger to take his place. Lisa still had his cock in her hand. She took mine dick out of her mouth and told John that she wanted to ride him. She had him lay on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. Lisa got on top of him, took a hold of his fat cock and slowly slide her pussy down on it. Lisa started sliding her pussy up and down on his poll as it stretched her pussy wide. I got behind her so I could have a better view of his thick black dick in her wet pink hole. I watched as Lisa juices coated his huge shaft and dripped onto his balls. I started to run my hands over her ass and started to slowly tease her asshole. I had always wanted to give her a DP and figure the time might be right. Lisa moaned loud when I started to work a finger into her tight ass. I got some lube spread it on her ass and slowly slide another finger into her ass.

I pulled my fingers out of her ass and got in position. When my dick touched Lisa ass through heavy breathing she said ‘on hell yes, give it to me baby'. Lisa and John stopped moving long enough for me to ease my rock hard cock into Lisa ass. John and I started to slowly fuck Lisa matching our strokes and getting into a rhythm. As we picked up pace matching each other stroke for stroke Lisa started yell god yes fuck me. The feeling was incredible. I could feel John's thick dick going in and out of Lisa's pussy while I fucked her tight asshole. Lisa announced that she was cumming. I couldn't take it anymore and began pumping my load of hot come deep in her ass. I pulled out of her ass and John quickly flipped Lisa over onto the bed with out pulling out of her. He immediately began fucking her for all he was worth. He was in pushup position with his knees off the bed using his full body weight to push his huge fat black dick deep inside her waiting pussy. Lisa spread her legs wide to make sure he had every inch inside her. He fucked Lisa that way in what seemed like forever. I lost count of how many times Lisa said she was cumming. Finally John's body tensed up as he shot his load deep in Lisa's pussy.

John and Matt stayed in our room until about 5 in the morning. We took turns fucking Lisa in every position possible filling every hole with hard dick. We are looking forward to our next visit. Matt told us there is a girl that works there that likes to party like that and that he is sure she will want to join the 4 of us next time.

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