Shakedown Cruise

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Date: January 28, 2014 (6 years ago)

By jack_straw (c)

I should have known from the start that it was all a set-up.

Whenever my husband and his best friend, Roy, cook something up, it usually ends in some kind of mischief. This one was the king whopper of them all, but it turned out to be one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life, so I can't complain.

Roy and Harmon - that's my husband - have been buddies since grade school. They lined up next to each other on their high school football team, they were roommates in college, they were each the best man at their weddings and we have socialized together for the whole 17 years of my marriage.

His wife, Sharon, and I have become best of friends, and our kids are all about the same age so they're friends as well.

So when Roy invited Harmon and me to join them for an overnight sailing trip on his boss's yacht, it sounded like a fun idea. Looking back on it, I should have started getting suspicious when I saw how enthusiastic Harmon was about it - especially when he asked me to put on my white bikini under my shorts and T-shirt.

The white bikini is the one I only wear when I know our three boys aren't going to be around. It is a little whisp of nothing, with thin ties around my neck and back on top, and at the sides on the bottom. The top doesn't come close to holding my voluminous tits, and the bottom is a little bit more than a thong, but not much more. It shows off my ass quite nicely.

For a 39-year-old woman with three kids, I think I have a very nice body. Harmon sure thinks so. He's always bragging to his friends about how hot his wife is, and he takes every opportunity he can to enjoy my body.

My best assets are my tits, a glorious pair of 37Ds, with nipples that are long and fat. They weren't quite that way when we married, when I was 22, but after nursing our three kids, they never reverted back to the size they had been before. Not only do I have a nice rack, but they are especially big considering that I'm 5-foot-4. Plus I have a butt that has just enough excess to really grab onto and a gorgeous pair of legs. I have always been considered pretty, with all the features in perfect harmony. People say I look a lot like Shannen Doherty, the actress, but I've read where she's kind of a bitch in real life, so I don't know if that's a compliment or not. But I do have a lot of black Irish to my looks, including a smoky set of hazel eyes and a thick head of dark brunette hair that I usually keep cut a little past my shoulders.

Boys - and men - started noticing me not long after I reached puberty, because my breasts ballooned almost overnight, and I relished the attention. I first got laid when I was 13, by my next-door neighbor, who was 16 at the time, and he knew what he was doing, because he made me come over and over before he was finished.

I wasn't quite a slut in high school, but I got around. Hey, I was young, I had a lush body that the boys wanted, I liked to party and I loved sex. All in all, I enjoyed the hell out of high school, and I fucked a pretty fair number of guys the whole four years.

But ever since I met Harmon, when I was 20 and working at a supermarket, I've never really wanted anyone else. Why in the world would I? Harmon's a hunk, standing 6-2, 220 pounds and he's stayed in great shape. He works as a foreman for a construction company, and I work part-time at a curio shop.

As for sex, let's just say that I am a very well satisfied woman. Harmon is blessed with what I call "his bat," a long thick dick that he uses to drive me insane with lust. It's probably 81/2, maybe even 9 inches long, and it's fat with very prominent veins running all over it. Moreover, he's not just a Johnny One-Time. Heavens no. He can recover quite nicely after he fucks me, especially if... well, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

It was supposed to be Roy and Sharon, me and Harmon, and Roy's boss, Larry, and his wife on this cruise. But when we got to the marina, the only person we saw was Roy.

"She came down with the flu," Roy said, when I asked about Sharon. "She really felt bad, because she knew you'd be the only woman on the boat without her."

"What about Diane?" I said, referring to Larry's wife. "I thought she was coming, too."

"Something came up with her family," Roy said.

"Wait a minute, you mean I'm going to be the only female on a yacht 10 miles out in the ocean, under the hot sun, with three men?" I asked.

"It'll be all right," Harmon said. "Really. We'll behave. Won't we, Roy."

"Oh absolutely," Roy said.

I almost didn't go. But something in the back of my mind said the prospect of being the only woman on a boat with three quite virile men just might not be that bad of a prospect.

I said earlier that I've never really wanted another man besides Harmon, and that's true, up to a point. But we've been such close friends with Roy and Sharon that over the years we've always engaged in a fair amount of sexy banter, and more than a little bit of flirting - and that includes between me and Sharon.

She and I frequently compare notes on the prowess of our respective husbands, and she's always complimenting me on my tits, while I always comment on how good she looks. She's a dynamite redhead with an hourglass figure and a real zest for life. I'm no lesbian, but if I ever decide to try sex with another woman, she'd be the one I'd try it with.

And Roy is a very nice-looking fellow, about 6-feet tall and well-built, both from his job in construction and from working out, which he and my husband do quite often in the garage that Roy has converted into a weight room.

Up to that point, nothing had ever happened, and the flirting has always been innocent. But Harmon and I have often talked about the possibilities of a foursome with Roy and Sharon, and of doing some casual swinging.

Harmon and I have an active fantasy life that we use to enhance our frequent sexual encounters. In addition to the possibility of swinging with Roy and Sharon, we've also gotten a big charge out of the fantasy of Harmon watching me take on other men, either in a threesome or in a group situation. Let me emphasize this, so you'll keep it in mind when you read about what we did that weekend. I would never cheat on Harmon. Never! I love him with every fiber of my being, he's the father of my children and he's the best fuck in the universe. And I'm convinced that Harmon feels the same way about me.

But if he wanted to share me with his friends, I was more than willing to go with the flow, as long as he was a participant and as long as he was there to look after me. Harmon is a big, strong fellow, and while he's a very even-tempered person and a real nice guy, on the rare occasions when he's provoked, his anger is an awesome thing to behold. Nobody we know is going to do anything to risk his wrath.

I wasn't sure yet what was going to happen on that cruise, but I had a feeling in my gut that this was the day we were going to finally take that step and live out our long-held fantasy.

And that's just what happened, only it was much, much more than what I expected when we first set sail. I ended up getting repeatedly fucked by seven men that weekend, including my sexy husband.

They fucked me everywhere - my pussy, my ass, my mouth and my tits - over and over, and they turned me inside out and back again. I've never had an experience like it, and I'm not sure I want to do it again. But it was hellacious fun while it lasted.

Here's how it went down.

When we arrived at the dock, Larry told me that since Sharon and his wife had been unable to make the trip that I could handle their duties. We've known Larry and Diane for several years, not real well, but well enough, and he's pretty easy on the eyes, just like Harmon and Roy.

"So what are my duties on this voyage, captain?" I asked in a sort of mock bravado. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.

"Why, drinks, drugs and decoration," he replied jovially.

I just laughed at what I took to be a joke.

I sat on the deck next to Harmon, pulled my hair into a ponytail, adjusted my shades and off we went. It was a warm, sunny summer day, just perfect for sailing. The humidity was up just enough to make everything a little sultry, but it wasn't so hot that it was suffocating. And once we got underway, the sea breeze made conditions quite nice.

Larry was at the controls, with Roy and Harmon working the sails, as we headed into the wind and out to sea. I found a place toward the front of the boat to lie down and get some sun, and I peeled off my T-shirt to let my breasts get a little kiss of sunshine.

I had just about dozed off when I heard my husband calling for me to come join them in the back. I made my way back just in time to see Larry light up a nice-sized joint. One of the benefits of working for a smaller company - not to mention owning your own company, as Larry does - is that they aren't as fanatic about drugs as bigger corporations, and Harmon's company and Larry's company both fall into that group. Obviously, if someone is snorting cocaine every day, or if they're drinking or smoking pot on the job, they get concerned. But if someone wants to burn a little weed and have a few brews for recreation when their on their own time, they don't get too bent out of shape about it.

Because we have school-age kids, we don't keep the stuff around the house, but on trips like this, Harmon and I are not shy about rolling joints and getting a healthy buzz going. The fact that Larry had a full bag of some really kind herb was yet another indication of what was to come.

Pot affects me like alcohol does most women, and the combination of weed and booze is a sure-fire way to get my juices going good. I could actually feel my nipples swelling as I held the potent smoke in my lungs. After a few more hits, I went below deck to mix up a pitcher of margaritas.

I brought the pitcher and four glasses back on deck, found the cooler with the ice and poured us a round of drinks. After the second round, we were all starting to feel really good when Larry piped up.

"Well, Denise, I see drinks and I see drugs," he said. "So where's the decoration?"

"Yeah, I know how you can decorate this ship," Harmon said. "Why don't you take off your shorts so we can see your ass, honey."

I looked my husband in the eye, as if to say, "are you sure this is what you want?" He just smiled wickedly and nodded his head slowly.

I stood up, unbuttoned my shorts, let them drop to the deck and kicked them aside. I heard someone - Larry, I think - give off a low whistle as I slowly turned to let the three of them get a good look at my butt cheeks. I could feel their stares, and my pussy began to swell in response.

I mean, I'm like any other red-blooded woman. I get a rush from men looking at me lustfully, and this occasion was no different. I had three very good looking, very sexy men looking at me like a big dog looks at a prime rib, and I was thoroughly enjoying it.

By this time, I had just about figured out that Harmon was going to let his friends fuck me, but what he did next was the final convincing touch.

To be continued...

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