Shakedown Cruise (Part 2)

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Date: January 29, 2014 (6 years ago)

"You know, Denise, you aren't playing fair," Harmon said, with a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face. "I mean, we all have our shirts off, but you're still wearing your top. We can't have that."

He walked over to me, reached around the back of my neck and pulled the string that held up the top of my bikini. The top fell open, exposing my breasts to the lustful gaze of three horny men, then Larry reached up and pulled the string in the back until it came loose and he held my top in his hand.

I just stared at my husband as he picked up a bottle of suntan oil.

"We can't risk getting these beauties sunburned, now can we?" Harmon said. "Roy, would you like to do the honors?"

Roy just grinned lasciviously while Harmon sat back down and stared as his best friend proceeded to pour the lotion onto my tits. I groaned as Roy's strong hands kneaded my tits, and I felt an erotic sizzle every time he touched my painfully hard nipples. My pussy was tingling as he massaged the lotion onto my creamy breasts. I opened my legs as I swayed lustfully, hoping that someone - anyone - would touch me so I could come.

Even though I could see their hard cocks in their baggy swim trunks, they didn't respond, and I understood then that they were taking things at an easy pace. That simply sent my arousal up a couple of notches, because I knew then that I was in for an unforgettable experience.

"How does that feel?" Roy asked softly. "Mmmmmmm," I answered. "I could ask you the same thing. How does it feel to finally get your hands on these babies?"

As if on cue, Harmon and Larry slipped away to work the sails and check our bearings, but Roy stayed behind and continued to play with my tits, something I knew he'd wanted to do for an awfully long time. There was no pretense now that he was protecting my tits from the sun. He was deliberately turning me on, and I was digging the hell out of it. I was right on the edge of a massive orgasm, and I couldn't help it; I reached down and squeezed his cock.

I grabbed the sides of Roy's shorts and yanked them to the deck, and his cock bounced upward as it was freed from its confines. I grabbed his dick and slowly worked my hand over the shaft, and it stiffened right up.

Roy had a nice big cock, not as big as Harmon, but it was still a fair-sized piece of meat. His shaft was smooth and an angry purple as I worked a big ball of pre-cum from the tip. He groaned, and I knew what I wanted to do.

I slid to my knees, getting face-to-face with his beautiful cock. I didn't fuck around. I opened my mouth and slid the bulbous head past my lips and into my mouth. I sucked and slobbered over his iron rod, licking up and down the shaft, then burying his length in my throat.

Even before I met Harmon, I was renowned for my blowjobs, and almost 20 years of getting my mouth on my husband's cudgel has refined my ability to take almost any size cock all the way into my mouth. And I have always loved the taste of cum for some reason, and that's going back all the way to high school. There is just something about the indescribable taste, something about the texture, that has always turned me on.

Roy just gasped as I deep-throated his dick, working my lips almost to the base, before pulling back and working hard for his cum. He finally got to the point where he pulled me away from him.

"God, Denise, I don't want to come too soon," he panted. "It's going to be a long weekend."

"If you're anything like Harmon, you can get back up to speed pretty quickly," I said in a voice thick with lust. "I want to taste your cum, Roy, and I want it now. Come on, fill up my mouth with your hot cream."

With that, I slid his cock back into my mouth and worked him vigorously, and it wasn't more than a minute or two before I got what I wanted. Roy grunted hard and his cock exploded in my mouth. He must have been storing it up for awhile, because it was thick, hot and plentiful. He shot so much that it dribbled out the corners of my mouth onto my tits.

When he was finished shooting, I licked his cock clean, then I lay back, my chest heaving. I still hadn't come, but I knew that was going to happen soon.

Just then I noticed that Harmon had made his way back onto the deck. He grinned at Roy and told him that he might as well not bother trying to get his shorts back on.

"Yeah, what's the point?" Roy asked rhetorically. "As long as she's around, it's going to be hard to get my dick back in my pants."

I stared at Roy's taut butt as he moseyed off to help Larry get the boat just so, leaving Harmon and I alone. My husband knelt down in front of me, reached between my legs and squeezed my nylon-covered pussy.

"Did Roy enjoy his treat?" Harmon asked me.

"He sure did," I answered. "Harmon, I'm going to assume that you're fine with this, since you didn't object to me giving Roy a blowjob. I want you to know, then, that I plan on getting royally fucked by all three of you this weekend. If you've got a problem with that, you'd better say so now. Once things get going, it's going to be too late."

Harmon just stared at me with blazing eyes, then bent down and kissed me, hard and insistent. And the whole time his hand was gently squeezing my pussy through the damp cloth that just did cover my crotch. "Just for this weekend, I want you to be my slut," Harmon said softly. "I've always bragged about how good you are; now it's your chance to prove it."

With that, he stood up abruptly and dropped his shorts. His big cock swayed in front of my face, enticing me to play. And play I did.

Harmon knelt back down and resumed working a hand between my legs, pressing the nylon material of my bikini bottoms into my drooling pussy. I groaned as I reached up and softly held this cock that I'll never get tired of, and it grew in my hands to its full length.

As I did with Roy, I didn't fuck around. I opened my mouth wide and slid the head of my husband's cock past my lips, until it poked at the opening to my throat.

I looked up to see that Harmon had his eyes closed tightly as he reveled in the feeling of my mouth working back and forth on his cock. I used my hand to squeeze the base of his dick and to feed his glorious meat into my mouth.

Faster and harder, I sucked Harmon's cock with an almost demented purpose, and he finally took his hand away from my crotch, put both hands on the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth. I looked up at my husband with complete devotion and surrender as he worked his cock back and forth in my mouth.

It didn't take long before he was groaning heavily, and I felt him swell in my mouth seconds before he fired a thick hot load of cum into my throat. This time, I managed to swallow every drop of my husband's nectar, then slid his cock from my mouth and lay back, smacking my lips with relish.

About that time, I noticed that Larry and Roy had returned to the deck and they were staring at me.

"So, did you leave anything for me?" Larry asked jovially.

"I think her pussy needs some attention," Roy said before he drifted off to check the back sails.

Roy stayed on deck to man the boat while Harmon and Larry took me below to Larry's well-apportioned cabin. I lay back on the queen-sized bed, and Larry obliged me by untying the sides of my bikini bottom and pulling them off, leaving me naked to their lustful gaze.

Harmon knelt on the bed next to me, running his hands over my hot, oily body. I was so close to coming I couldn't stand it, and my husband's hands roaming all over my body was stoking my arousal to a fever pitch.

And it seemed to be doing the same for him, because his cock was already getting hard again. Then I happened to look over at Larry and nearly had a heart attack. I just stared at something I thought I would never see, and that was a man with a bigger cock than Harmon.

Larry had slipped off his shorts, and my God, his dick was the biggest thing I'd ever seen, probably 10 inches long and 21/2, maybe even 3 inches thick. Harmon just grinned as he saw me staring.

Larry, though, was already in action. He knelt down and brought his face to my pussy and began to slide his tongue up my dripping furrow, all the way to my throbbing, bloated clit. His tongue worked magic on my cunt, while his lips caressed my labia as he drank in my essence.

Just then, my vision was obscured as Harmon straddled my chest and slid his big dong between my tits. I used both hands to mash my breasts together to deepen the valley that his cock was sliding through. His angry red head poked up from between my tits and into my mouth.

Harmon fucked my tits with a steady rhythm as I climbed higher and higher up the orgasmic mountain. Just about the time I reached my peak and squealed in climax, Harmon slid off of me, moved Larry out of the way, knelt between my legs and pushed his cock ever-so-slowly into my burning fuckhole.

I howled as I felt my husband's cock filling me to the brim, and in no time he was up to ramming speed. I wrapped my legs around Harmon's back as I humped him back with every bit as much effort as he was drilling me.

Suddenly, I sensed a presence next to me and it was Larry offering me his humongous dong to suck and lick. Honestly, his cock was so big that I could only get the head and a couple of inches of it in my mouth, but what I had I worked on enthusiastically, and I pumped the rest of it with my hands.

I could feel another climax coming to a quick boil from the hard, steady fucking Harmon was giving me, and I arched my back when it crested. I could feel Harmon beginning to hit the short strokes, because he was grunting and panting hard as he blistered my pussy with his bat.

As I screamed out in yet another orgasm, my husband stiffened, then pushed his cock as deep as he could before spewing a terrific cumshot into my womb. We clutched each other as our climax washed over us.

Finally, Harmon's cock wilted enough for him to slip it from my gaping pussy, followed by a stream of cum. He got up from the bed and motioned toward Larry.

"She's all yours, man," Harmon said, his chest still heaving. "I think I got her opened up enough for you to really bang her hard."

I felt a chill run through my body, because I knew this was moment of truth, the moment when I'd let a man other than my husband fuck me. But at that point, I really didn't care. I wanted Larry's huge cock in my steaming box, and it didn't matter that my husband was sitting on the nearby chair watching intently.

I lay back, lust coursing through my body, my legs spread lewdly. My well-trimmed pubic bush was wet with the combination of my juice and Harmon's cum, and it made me feel like the slut I was at the moment.

Larry got in between my legs and pressed the head of his cock to my opening. I groaned as his fat head passed my gates and entered my vagina. He was going at it slow, agonizingly slow, I guess, because that's what he was used to doing. It is a myth that a woman can just lie back and accept a 10-inch cock. It takes time and patience for a man of Larry's size to get his cock in a woman. Or at least a normal woman. Problem was, I wasn't a normal woman, certainly not at that moment. I was a demented sex toy that wanted to be fucked hard by the biggest cock I'd ever seen.

"Come on, Larry, don't take it easy. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" I panted, my climax welling to the surface again. Lord help me, that's what he did. He sort of growled, then shoved forward. I screamed and I saw stars as I was filled with more man meat than I'd ever had in my life.

It didn't take long before Larry had every bit of his cock in my twitching cunt, and I was rocketing along from one orgasm to another. His huge cock worked like a piston in my pussy, and I was working my hips up and down like a demon, trying to keep up. Larry had me bent nearly in half, with my legs high over my head as he fucked me ruthlessly. I gazed over through lust-glazed eyes and saw Harmon just staring as I was fucked by one of the few men on earth with more cock than him. But he was grinning as he stared, so I knew he wasn't feeling the least bit jealous.

I'd like to say that Larry fucked me for an hour before he came. The truth is, it was only about 10 minutes before he started really jackhammering me, as my string of orgasms began to leave me gasping.

I heard Larry panting and groaning until he thrust forward hard and released a flood of semen deep in my cunt. I didn't care; I pulled him to me and we kissed frantically as he continued to pump his still semi-hard cock in my pussy.

I was still shaking and shuddering from the unbelievable series of climaxes I'd just experienced. At that point, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to last through the afternoon, let alone all night with these three studs.

Little did I know.

But I didn't have much time to ponder, because as soon as Larry vacated my pussy - leaving a gaping, cum-filled void - Roy was right there to take his place. I don't know how long he'd been watching, but he'd seen enough that his cock was back at full roar.

After the two giants that I'd just had in my box, Roy's relatively smaller cock shouldn't have done much, but he flipped me onto my knees, pushed the head of his cock to my dripping-wet cunt and plowed in with a vengeance.

I just lowered my head to the bed, raised my butt and surrendered to another wave of orgasmic vibrations that rippled through my body as Roy gave me every bit of his expertise, which was considerable. It seemed like every time he pushed his cock in me, he brushed my throbbing, obscenely bloated clit, sending sparks of pleasure radiating through me.

I was just about in a state of delirium, as I crested to a powerful climax, when I felt Roy grab my butt cheeks hard. He pounded my pussy in a series of deep, fast thrusts then spewed his cumload into my cunt, which was already overflowing with cream.

I just knelt on the bed and shuddered as I enjoyed the afterglow of my climax. Roy pulled out quickly, and a river of semen flowed out of my gaping cunt and rolled down the insides of my thighs.

"Man, will you look at that," Roy panted.

"Yeah, looks like we've got us a well-fucked slut on our hands," Harmon said as he sat on the bed next to me. "Isn't that right, men."

I just looked up at my husband with lust-shrouded eyes, and he bent down and kissed me slowly, lovingly. "Why don't you come up on deck and work on that all-over tan you've been wanting to get," Harmon said.

I smiled and let him pull me up from the bed and we sauntered up to the deck. I cannot begin to describe how good it felt to have the gentle sea breeze caressing my naked body. I don't know that I've ever felt more alive than at that moment. I was free to stand naked under the warm summer sun, free to watch three equally naked hunks cavorting about the boat, and free to indulge all of mine and my husband's wildest fantasies. While Roy had been taking his turn with me, Larry had gone into the galley and prepared some sandwiches, which he brought out on deck, along with a fresh pitcher of margaritas. After we ate and drank, Roy pulled another joint out and we replenished our buzz.

When that was finished, it was time for the men to work the sails, and get us on a slightly different bearing, and I took the opportunity to slather another coat of suntan oil all over my body and catch some rays. It felt so incredibly erotic to cover myself with the tanning oil, including the places I didn't usually cover.

I sunned for awhile, starting on my stomach. It felt a little weird to be lying on towel feeling the sun and wind on my naked butt, however, it also turned me on. After awhile, I was lying on my back, soaking up the sun and thinking about what had gone on earlier, and what might transpire later, and I could feel myself getting wet and horny again.

Almost subconsciously, I slid my left hand between my legs and slid my fingers through my labia and up to my clit, which was already tingling in anticipation. I was lost in my fantasy, building to a nice self-induced climax when I saw a shadow fall over me and I sensed a presence next to me.

"What? You didn't get enough earlier?" Harmon said playfully.

I just smiled and reached up to fondle his cock, which was already semi-hard.

"Looks to me like you didn't get enough either," I purred as I stroked his cock.

I felt a trill of lust slither through my body as my husband's dick jerked in my hand. Just then I saw Larry and Roy come up, and their cocks were also in something of a state of readiness, even though Larry had slipped on a very tight pair of swim trunks.

"You guys almost missed a hell of a show here," Harmon said, as he helped me up and escorted me below, Larry and Roy trailing behind.

Harmon led me back to the bed, indicating that I should lie back, then he took a bag that Larry had handed him and tossed it on the bed next to me.

"Now you can finish what you were doing," Harmon said.

I looked in the bag and I was astounded to see a variety of sex toys and a bottle of lubricant.

"Where did you get these?" I asked Harmon, as I dumped the contents of the bag on the bed.

"They're Diane's," Larry answered. "She had them stowed on here to use, then wasn't able to offload them when she couldn't make it."

"Uh, yeah, right," I said, not believing that for a second.

But I wasn't upset in the least, because there were some things in that bag that got my pussy flowing. I picked out a wicked-looking dildo and a sizeable vibrator, and hefted both in my hands. As I caressed the foot-long dong, the men sat back in chairs, their eyes eagerly anticipating what I was about to do.

I reached my hand between my legs and found my cunt was still sticky from all the cum that had been deposited there earlier. So I took the bottle of lube and poured a generous amount all over my crotch, and, of course, I made sure the guys could all see me do it.

I was humming with lust, completely without inhibition, and I knew exactly what I wanted. I slid my fingers up my slit, exposing my pulsing clit to their view. I felt a thrill run through me as I saw three stiff, naked cocks being worked by three sets of hands.

I took the big, fat dildo and fit the head to my gash. It was bigger than anything I'd ever put in there before, and it took some time before it started to ease into my pussy. My now, I was groaning with lust as my orgasm began to climb to a peak.

Once I had a good bit of that rubber dong in my box, I started pushing and pulling it back and forth, getting it a little deeper with every thrust, until nearly all of it was disappearing into my flooded pussy. I was gasping and moaning as I fucked myself into oblivion. Through lust-lidded eyes, I looked over at the guys, and they were staring bug-eyed at my display of carnality. Well, they were about to get a real show.

Still pumping the dildo back and forth in my pussy, I rolled slightly to my side, reached down with my other hand, spread my butt cheeks open and began to finger my asshole. It was already well lubricated both from the oil I'd used and the juices flowing from my pussy.

I heard an audible groan from across the room as I pushed one, then two fingers into my ass. I got my anus opened up good, then picked up the vibrator, which was a nice-sized piece of stainless steel, and slid it into my ass.

I looked up to see Harmon climbing on the bed, holding his big fat cock in one hand. He took the vibrator from my grasp, flicked a switch and started working it back and forth in my ass at the same time that I was fucking my pussy with the dildo.

That did it. My whole body stiffened and I cried out sharply as I was swept by a tumultuous orgasm. I shook and shimmied as I felt the twin invasion of the dildo and the vibrator.

Let me tell you, I am one woman who loves to have her ass fucked. I wasn't always that way, although I never had any real objections to the practice. I'd just never had any real desire for it.

And when Harmon first suggested that he might like to fuck my ass, very early in our marriage, I told him he was insane, that there was no way his bat would go in my butt. But he was patient and started to use his tongue on my ass when he'd eat me out, then he'd work a finger or two in there, and I quickly found that I liked the feeling. It wasn't until he eased a dildo in there, though, that I really started to appreciate the sensations associated with anal sex.

Still, I was a little apprehensive about getting Harmon's big tool in my ass, but one night I told him I'd like to try it. He laid me on my stomach, gave my body a really sensual massage, lubed me up real good and worked my ass open until he thought I was ready, then he pushed the head of his cock into me.

At first, I thought the pain was going to be unbearable, and I almost begged him to take it out. But as I relaxed and became accustomed to his size, the better it felt. And when he picked me up by the waist and pushed his cock all the way in my butt, all hell broke loose. From then on, I was hooked.

But I was ready to take it one step further, and I think Harmon sensed what I wanted, because he had an ungodly gleam in his eyes and his cock was iron-hard. He wasn't quite ready to give me what I wanted just yet. No sir. He apparently wanted me so out of my mind with lust that I was a squirming mass of sweat-covered flesh. He just kept drilling that vibrator in my butt as I came again and again and again, until my mind was truly blown.

I was gasping and panting in supreme pleasure when Harmon whispered in my ear. "Tell us what you want, honey," he said in his most seductive voice.


To be continued...
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