Shakedown Cruise (Part 3)

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Date: January 30, 2014 (6 years ago)

That was Harmon's cue. He pulled the vibrator out of my ass and lay down behind me in a spoon position. He put the head of his cock at the opening to my ass and pushed it slowly, but firmly, all the way in. I howled as another orgasm came to a head just from the feeling of my husband's hard fat meat thrusting into my rectum, and I begged him to fuck my ass hard. But he and I both knew what I really wanted. And after he got going good, after my latest climax peaked, he rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him. I managed to get my feet under me so I could better ride Harmon's cock and also open my legs to expose angry pink pussy, with the fat clit open for inspection.

I looked out and saw Roy and Larry just staring at where Harmon and I were joined, their fists steadily working their cocks.

"Roy!" I gasped. "Come on and stick your cock in my pussy. I want you and Harmon to sandwich me, baby!"

Roy didn't need any further encouragement. He knelt between my legs and slid his cock right up my pussy without the least bit of trouble.

The moment I felt Roy's cock complete the double penetration, I completely lost it. I felt another climax explode through my body and it was followed by another one and another one.

I had always heard and read about women having multiple orgasms, but it had never happened to me before. But it was happening now, and I just let myself be swept along on the orgasmic tide as Harmon and Roy double-fucked me with a strong, steady rhythm.

I felt the bed give way next to me, and looked over to see Larry's huge cock at my face. I eagerly gobbled up as much of his meat as I could, working my tongue around his fat shaft while he pushed it back and forth in my mouth.

I sucked on Larry's cock, while I worked my body around the two cocks that had me skewered. After a minute or so, I pulled Larry's cock out of my mouth and rubbed the leaking head all over my face. I wanted to be consumed by these cocks that were giving me unbelievable lust.

I was lost in the ozone as my trio of studs fucked all three of my holes at once, a true triple-penetration that I had only fantasized about before.

It was all too much. Larry was the first one to lose it. I heard him cry out, then he ripped his cock from my mouth and shot a geyser of cum all over my face. It was like one of those facial porn movies. He left cum streaming across both my eyes, across my nose, my lips and down my chin. One final orgasmic spike roared through my body as I felt a big glob of cum drip from my chin onto my tits, and I jerked from head to toe. Harmon was the next to come and he slammed my ass down hard onto his abdomen and buttered my ass with his hot sauce. Seconds later Roy followed suit, sending a flow of cum deep in my pussy.

Groans of requited lust filled the cabin as the guys emptied their balls in me and on me. And that's the last thing I heard for awhile. I dimly recall Roy pulling his cock out of me and Harmon rolling me to the side so he could crawl out from under me, before I passed out.

It seemed like I was only out for a couple of minutes, but when I woke up it was dark outside. I looked over at the portable alarm clock by the bed and saw that it was almost 10 o'clock. I had been out for almost five hours.

The next thing I noticed was that we were stopped dead in the water and there was some kind of party going on above. I heard rock music from a boom box and voices that didn't belong to Harmon, Roy or Larry. I got up slowly and peeped through the porthole and saw that we were lashed on to another sailing vessel, and everyone was apparently getting along splendidly, although I couldn't see up on the deck. I was still feeling pretty rough at that point, and felt like I needed to freshen up before meeting any new strangers. My mouth was dry, I had to pee and I had dried, crusty cum on my face and drying, gelid cum between my legs, plus I was sticky and smelly from sweating so profusely. I noticed that the head had a rudimentary shower set up, so I grabbed soap and a towel and got cleaned up. The shower was pretty basic, working off gravity. There appeared to be a tube that ran from a water tank somewhere on the deck down to the shower stall. I turned the spigot and got a nice flow of water. It wasn't hot water, but after sitting in the sun all day, it wasn't cold either. It felt great.

When I got out of the shower, I saw Harmon sitting on a chair with a plate of food and a cold beer. It seems the other boat had laid in some pasta and other heavy snacks, and he'd fixed me a plate. What a dear.

"I thought you were out for the night, but when I came down to check on you, I saw the bed was empty and heard the shower running," Harmon said. "I figured you were probably hungry and thirsty, so here you go."

We chatted casually while I ate. Turned out the other boat belonged to a sailing buddy of Larry's named Alan, and he had three of his friends on board with him. I let a slow smile creep across my face at the thought that four more men had been added to the equation.

I finished the plate and polished off the beer, and Harmon handed me another one from a small cooler he'd brought down with him. As I dug in my bag for something to wear, Harmon pulled out a half-smoked joint, which we shared, just the two of us.

I decided on a snug tank top that didn't quite cover my belly and a thin wrap. I wanted to be easily accessible in case things went as I expected they would. As we smoked the potent herb down to a roach, I looked at my husband and he grinned back at me.

"So, how do you like your slut now?" I asked.

"You're magnificent, my love," he replied. "You're everything a man could want."

"Harmon, I was put on this earth for the express purpose of pleasing you," I said softly, as I wrapped my arms around his neck and drew him to me. "This is all for you, all for your pleasure. I hope you understand that. I wouldn't acting this way if it wasn't what you wanted."

"Oh, I do understand, sweetheart," Harmon said. "I've always wanted to see you like this. And I love you all the more for being willing to do it. Believe me, none of this would have happened if you'd put up the least objection. You're a very special woman, Denise, and I love you. Now, let's go have some fun." My big tits swayed seductively, showing clearly through the thin material of the shirt as we climbed up to the deck. A big cheer arose from the assembly that was gathered drinking beer as I emerged on deck. Everyone was feeling quite good, but nobody was trashed, which was a good sign.

"Ah, it's the serving wench," Larry hollered jovially, like some pirate captain. "Greetings, my dear."

I looked around as I sipped a beer and took in the ambiance. All the sails on both boats were tightly furled and there was a big, nearly full moon casting a silvery glow upon the water, which was perfectly still. I was introduced to Alan and his friends, John, Ernie and Greg. Alan appeared to be slightly older than us, but the other three were about our age, maybe a little younger, and they were all good-looking and appeared to be quite affluent. I guess this is a good time to answer the obvious question about having unprotected sex with men I'd never met before. Well, to begin with, I knew Roy and Larry were clean, and I figured that Larry could vouch for Alan, and Alan could do the same for his crew. Besides, I figured that anyone rich enough to afford a boat like the one Alan had was smart enough to avoid any sexually transmitted diseases. Sure, it was a calculated risk, but so is driving on a busy freeway in the middle of the afternoon. You only live once, and I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to live out a juicy fantasy just because no one had any condoms. Oh, and I'd had my tubes tied after our third son was born, so there was no chance of me getting pregnant. As far as I was concerned, as far as my husband was concerned, I was free to do anything I wanted with anyone I wanted.

Harmon and some of the others drifted off to other parts of the boat, or across to the other boat, leaving me alone on the deck with Larry and John, who were apparently good friends. The three of us smoked another joint while we nursed our beers.

Larry was sitting next to me on the deck, leaning back against a bulkhead, and he started massaging my shoulders as we passed the joint around. When it was finished, he got up on his knees and really started to work on my shoulders and my back, and I quickly started getting aroused again. John noticed what Larry was doing and looked over at me.

"Hmmmmm, that looks inviting," John said. "Would you mind doing me? We've done a lot of tacking today and I'm a little sore."

I liked the double meaning of "doing me," and I had my doubts about John's sore muscles, but he sat down between my legs and I began to knead his shoulders and his back. He was a blond man of about 35 with a broad, muscular chest and a stout build.

As Larry worked on me, he started to play a little bit, working his hands around to the front to caress my tits, and every time he did, he'd run his fingers over my fat nipples, sending shock waves of lust coursing through my body.

I could feel my juices starting to flow, but I wasn't quite ready to let John know what Larry was doing to me.

However, when Larry reached down and pulled my shirt off, I had to take my hands off John's shoulders for a moment, and he looked back to see why I'd stopped his massage. Needless to say, his eyes bugged out at the up-close view he had of my breasts, capped as they were by my rock-hard nipples.

He just turned back around silently and I resumed working on his muscles, and Larry continued working on me. Larry was still massaging my shoulders, but he began to spend more time caressing my tits, and I started to get really horny. Without even thinking about it, my hands reached around to touch John's virile chest. I rolled his pebble-like nipples around as I worked my hands over his chest and down his stomach. I knew it was getting to him because he started breathing heavier and he had to adjust his legs to account for his growing cock.

Suddenly, I felt Larry's huge naked cock dry-humping my back, smearing pre-cum all over my skin. I reached down and grabbed John's cock through his shorts and began to work my hands over what appeared to be a decent-sized piece of meat.

The head of John's cock poked up from the waistband of his shorts, wet at the tip and very enticing. He groaned as I squeezed his thick cock.

"I want to see it," I whispered in John's ear.

He swiveled around so that he was facing me and spread his legs. I pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang up like a jack-in-the-box, hard and ready. His cock was about the same length as Roy's but a little fatter and it looked delicious.

I got up on my knees, bent over his midsection and vacuumed his cock right into my mouth, no muss, no fuss. I worked my lips over his shaft until the head of his cock was poking at my throat, and that was my cue to start working my mouth up and down in a steady, vigorous motion.

Of course, in this position my butt was in the air, and Larry seized the opportunity. He flipped the wrap away from my ass, slid his fingers through my juicy pussy several times, then pushed his huge dick into me.

Now that he knew what I wanted, he didn't try to ease his way in, but he didn't ram it in either. He just pushed it slowly and evenly right up my gash until I felt his pubic hairs tickling my ass. I just worked my hips back and forth in rhythm to the easy thrusts from Larry's cock, and I was soon on a fast train to a climax.

All the time, I worked my mouth up and down on John's trembling cock, and he was pushing up with his hips, trying to drive as much of his meat into my throat as he could. I could tell he was on a short trigger from the way he was moaning, so I concentrated my efforts on extracting his cum.

Within just a few minutes, his body stiffened, he lurched upward and spewed a hot, thick load of cum down my throat. I swallowed every drop before releasing his sated cock. He got up, pulled his shorts up and thanked me, before walking off to rejoin the party.

That left Larry still fucking me leisurely from behind, and he bent over and cupped my tits in his big hands, sending shock waves of lust throughout my body.

But we weren't alone very long. John must have spread the word to his buddies about the brunette with the big tits who'd just given him a first-class blowjob. I was working my hips around Larry's cock, my head down and my eyes closed as a very nice climax washed over me, when I sensed something in front of me. I looked up, opened my eyes to see Ernie and Greg standing in front of me with their shorts around their ankles and their hard cocks in their hands.

I shooed their hands away and replaced them with mine, then brought them both to my lips. Ernie was on my left and Greg on my right, and I slid Greg's cock into my mouth first. He was a perfect fit, and I was able to suck him all the way to the root in one long, screaming plunge. He gasped in pleasure as I worked my mouth back and forth, taking him deep in my throat then pulling back until just the head was in my mouth. I grinned as I took him out of my mouth and slashed my tongue up the underside of his shaft, then turned my attention to Ernie.

He was a little bit bigger than Greg, so it took me a couple of sucks before I was able to get him all the way in my throat, but soon I was humming along nicely with his cock jammed into my throat.

I was feeling so slutty! I had a cock in my mouth, one in my hand and a really big one pumping in my twitching, dripping cunt. I was soaring back toward another climax as I let these three men push their cocks at me. Occasionally, I even brought both cocks to my mouth at the same time, working both heads past my lips. Like John, it didn't take Greg and Ernie long before they were panting hard and their cocks were trembling in the precursor to an orgasm. I concentrated on Ernie first and worked my mouth hard to get his cum, and I was quickly rewarded for my effort. With a grunt, he pushed his cock all the way into me and fired a huge cumload straight into my stomach.

I swallowed all of his tasty cum, then turned my attention to Greg, and he quickly followed suit, filling my mouth to overflowing with his hot cream.

Feeling the two cocks giving me their cum sent me rocketing to another orgasm, and I slammed my hips back to get Larry there with me.

And he was ready. He gripped my hips hard with his hands and really pounded my pussy with his 10-inch pleaser. We were both gasping and moaning as we hit the hard strokes, and just about the time my body convulsed in a terrific orgasm, Larry lurched forward, jerked hard several times and came deep in my cunt.

We both shook and shimmied as we felt the orgasm flow over us. Finally, Larry's balls were empty and his sausage fell away from my slack pussy.

Larry helped me up, then retrieved my tank top. He escorted me to the back of his boat, where Alan and Harmon were quietly chatting. My nipples were still rock-hard and I was getting a rush from the feeling of Larry's cum dripping from my well-fucked cunt.

Harmon smiled at me as we approached and I gave him a quick kiss. I was having the time of my life and he needed to be thanked. Just then Alan spoke up.

"Would you like a tour of my humble vessel?" Alan said with mock suavity.

I cast a quick glance at Harmon and he just gave me a wink. I knew what Alan was after, and I didn't mind a bit. He was quite handsome in a fairly reserved sort of way, but he was well-built - hell, everyone I encountered that night was a hunk in some form or fashion - with a winning smile. I could see why he was a success in business. He had a way that could make an Arab buy sand.

He took my hand as we crossed over to his boat. It was bigger and quite a bit nicer that Larry's ship and we walked in silence back to the short steps that led down to his cabin.

I was quite impressed. It was richly apportioned, with a bar and a stereo. I sat on the king-sized bed while Alan fixed me a drink and found a radio station that was playing soft classical music, a welcome change from the rock-and-roll that was blasting away on Larry's boat.

Alan sat down next to me and we talked about nothing in particular. I wasn't sure what to make of him. He was very self-assured, but he was taking it real slow with me. I was soon to learn that he was one of those men who start slow, but finish fast.

As we chatted, he was constantly lowering his gaze to my tits, which were threatening to break a hole through the material of my shirt, and I kept returning my eyes to the growing bulge in his shorts, and a very nice bulge it was, too.

Suddenly, he reached over and gently pinched one of my nipples, then the other one, sending ripples of lust through my body and down to my crotch. He followed by getting his hands on my tits and gently squeezing the voluminous flesh.

"You have the most beautiful set of breasts I think I have ever seen," Alan whispered, and I just melted.

He pulled my shirt up, bent his head down to suck and lick my tits, and I threw my head back and let the feelings of passion rocket through me. As he worshiped my breasts, one of his hands slid down between my legs and he began to fondle my swollen, still-dripping wet cunt. I moaned in complete surrender, and after a few minutes, he stood up and dropped his shorts, revealing a very nice cock. It was slightly smaller than Harmon's, but it was fat and had an unusual spear-like head. And it was hard as a rock and leaking profusely, with tendrils of pre-cum hanging from the tip.

I didn't need to be asked. I pulled my shirt off, untied my wrap and lay back naked with my legs spread in anticipation.

Alan didn't bother with foreplay, and I didn't need it. He knelt on the bed between my legs, and I took his cock in hand and aimed it at the entrance to my pussy. Once he got the big head of his cock in me, he lunged forward and his dick slid right on in. As he started to fuck me with nice, steady strokes, I lifted my legs in the air, wrapped my arms around his shoulders and got right into it with him. God, I couldn't believe how easy it had become for me to let another man fuck me. All these guys had to do was show me a hard cock and I was ready to rock and roll. And Alan was proving to be one of the best. He quickly got into a hard, fast rhythm, and every time he pushed his cock into the deepest part of me, his fat head brushed my G-spot, sending me into orbit. I was gasping, panting and humping like a madwoman as he drilled me with precision.

We couldn't keep this up long without something cracking, and what cracked first was my climax. I bucked and shuddered as I was consumed by a massive explosion of lust, and Alan was right behind me. He plunged forward hard and grunted loudly as he shot an unbelievably thick, hot load of cum deep into my womb. Alan slid his cock out of me quickly, and it was only then that I noticed that the rest of his crew had wandered in. John quickly took up his position between my legs and rammed his cock home with authority. He picked up my legs and worked his cock back and forth at a measured pace, fucking me hard and steady.

As he fucked me, I felt another climax swelling to a head, and as it quickly crashed over me, my thrashing was all it took for John to lunge ahead deep and shoot his cum into me.

He slid away, and his place was immediately taken by Greg, whose thick cock sent me into paroxysms of passion. I could feel cum pooling under my butt, and that gave me a huge erotic thrill, which, naturally, sent me over the top in yet another climax.

My mind was a swirling maze of sexual sensations as Greg fucked me through another climax and another one after that before he added his cum to the thick flow that was running freely out of my cunt onto the bed.

Ernie was next, and he was ready to pound my pussy hard and fast. I was beyond caring at that point. I just wanted to be fucked and fucked and fucked. My body was covered in sweat as Ernie fucked me with a barely controlled fury. It wasn't that he was angry, but he was just in the grip of the same all-consuming lust that I was.

It was truly a feeding frenzy now. When Ernie finished shooting his load, I noticed that Roy and Harmon had arrived.

My husband had shed his shorts and his bat was sticking out red and angry. I gasped as he flipped me onto my knees and rammed his cock into my gushing pussy hard from behind. Roy moved to my head and I gobbled his cock to the root as though I was going to extract his cum the hard way.

I sucked and slobbered on Roy's cock while Harmon fucked me just the way I wanted it - hard and fast - no quarter given, no quarter asked. As I worked my delirious body around my husband's gorgeous cock, I felt my hands being filled with cock, and looked to see that Alan and John were kneeling on either side of me. I stroked their cocks in my fists at a smoldering pace.

Harmon was in some other part of the universe as he fucked me hard, fast and long. Roy thrust his cock deep in my mouth for one, two, three deep sucks, then he wrenched it from my mouth and sprayed my face with cum. I howled as another climax hit me then. I shook with all of the passion I had left to give.

As soon as Roy staggered away, Alan took his place, only instead of putting his cock in my mouth, he slid forward until his cock was firmly buried between my tits. I got the message real quick, and jacked his cock easily with my breasts.

Watching me give another man a tit-fuck was apparently the trigger for Harmon to finally climb over the top. He pumped me hard several times, then added his cum to the flood that was being squeezed out of my pussy, then he pulled out and laid the last couple of spurts right on my asshole.

My head was spinning, but I wasn't finished yet. As soon as Harmon fell away, Greg was right there with a renewed hard-on. He put the head to my red ass and pushed it forcefully in. I squealed in demented delight as Greg quickly began to fuck my ass with a rich motion that sent me soaring into space.

I was losing touch with reality, but there are plenty of parts I remember. I recall Greg roaring as he filled my ass with cum, and Alan was close behind with his cumshot, covering my tits with his hot sauce.

John was right behind him, filling my ass with his meat until he added his cum to the load in my butt. And that led directly to the final crashing moment, the absolute climax of the evening's festivities.

The cabin was warm with the body heat of eight people, and the friction that was being produced by the sexual circus that was going around me. I was a sweaty, cum-filled wreck, barely hanging on to my sanity at that point, all but unconscious.

As I knelt on Alan's bed, my chest heaving from my exertions, I felt Roy slide under me and position himself between my legs. He thrust his cock up my flooded canal and I threw back my soaking-wet hair as another climax tried to work its way to the surface. Then I felt a pair of big hands on my ass. I looked back and Larry was aiming the huge head of his cock at my ass. Any other time, I probably would have objected, simply because he was so big. But I'd been fucked so open back there, and I was so delirious with lust that I urged him in a croaking voice to, "stick that King Kong dick up my ass and fuck me! Break me in half, motherfucker!"

And that's just about what he did. God, I don't know if there is any way to describe how it felt to have Larry's cock up my ass. It almost felt like an out-of-body experience as he slid that humongous dick into my flooded rectum.

I just completely came unglued when he finally got every inch of his cock in my backside. I howled, I cried, I moaned, I laughed, I screamed as Larry and Roy double-fucked me on Alan's bed. I managed to look around through blurry eyes, and the other five men had surrounded us and were all stroking their cocks.

I motioned feebly for Harmon to come over so I could suck his cock. He knelt on my left side and pulled my head to his red, chapped cock. I don't know how he managed it, after all he'd been through that day, but his cock was fully hard again. He filled my mouth with his cock, and I sucked him for awhile, then Alan came on my right side and I sucked his cock.

Back and forth I went from one cock to the other, my mind a blown-out shell. I had no conscious thoughts, just the overwhelming feeling of a never-ending climax.

Finally, just about the time I completely lost touch with reality, I felt Roy and Larry start to fuck me harder and faster, working me like a machine until they gasped hard and shot whatever was left in their balls deep in their respective holes.

They had no more rolled me over onto the bed, on my back, when I felt a rain of cum cover me. Harmon and Alan shot a couple of strings of cum over my face, and John, Greg and Ernie covered my tits and my belly with thin ropes of semen.

I could feel myself falling into a dark hole, and I barely recall my loving husband picking me up in his powerful arms and carrying me back to Larry's boat, back to his cabin, where I immediately fell into a deep slumber.

It was almost noon the next day by the time I woke up, and we were well underway, within sight of land. My body showed stark evidence of what I'd put it through the night before. It seemed like every muscle I had was sore, my face and chest were sticky from dried cum, my lips were chapped, I had red marks and a few bruises on my torso from where I'd been manhandled, and my hair was a sticky, tangled mess.

But that was nothing compared to the conditions between my legs. My pussy was red and puffy, and my asshole was sore and swollen. Incredibly, I still had thick, moist cum oozing slowly from both holes. Not only that, but my clit was still tingling. I think if someone had showed up with a hard cock right then, I'd have simply rolled onto my back and let him fuck me again.

However, that notion died when I saw the condition of my husband. I almost had to laugh out loud when he came down to check on me. His eyes looked like a road map of New York City and you could have packed a small family with the bags that hung from his sockets.

"Do Roy and Larry look as bad as you?" I asked with a chuckle. He grinned that grin that always sends arrows into my heart and answered as he bent down to give me a quick kiss.

"Larry's OK, but Roy looks like something I scr*ped off my shoe," Harmon said.

Harmon helped me up and got me into the shower where I could clean up a little bit before we landed. We didn't talk much in the remaining time we were on Larry's boat, since I was busy getting dressed and Harmon was helping Larry and Roy get the boat into the marina. After we'd docked, and said our good-byes, my husband and I wrapped our arms around each other's shoulders as we walked to where we'd parked our car.

"So, how do you like your slut now?" I repeated the question I'd asked him the night before.

"You're still the most unbelievable woman I've ever met," Harmon said with a laugh. "I guarantee Alan and his crew won't ever forget you. Neither will Larry and Roy."

"Speaking of which, I think I'm going to call Sharon," I said, looking up at my husband with a wry grin as we reached our car and prepared to return to the real world. "We owe her one."

And I did, the very next day. But that's a story for another time.

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