Sister Takes Me In

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I am a professional in Delhi and married. Last year I was on a official tour to Pune, where my sister and her family live. But I stayed in a hotel as my work place was on the other end of the town. I was busy in meetings the first day, but was able to get free by 12 noon next day and had meeting only next day morning so I planned to visit my sister.

It was rather sudden when I reached her home and rang the bell. My sis was not expecting me. She was in her leotard with some sweat at the right places exposing her special places. "Oh, its you Ram, I was not expecting you and was exercising when you rang the bell." "I was free for the day so, didi, I thought I may pay you the visit."

My sister in her late 50s is rather dusky, 5'2", plump but not fat. But she is well endowed in 2 places I like women to have fat. Her breasts are 38 D and ass is 40". Oh, ample girth but shaped to pop out eyes of even teenagers. The tight leotard accentuted the globes and I couldn't help but stare at them. She realised it but didn't say anything.

She let me in, made me comfortable and went to change. She returned wearing a saree. She said I saw you staring so I changed into this dress. I told her I didn't mean offence but what's use of assets if not appreciated. "Shut up and don't flatter unnecessarily. I know I am too fat and ugly that's why I regularily exercise, besides you should not flirt with your didi. Your wife is a beauty so its only lust that made say this". "True my wife is a beauty and not as fat as you, but you have the right curves and roundness at right places, and all good things must be appreciated. Sister or otherwise you have assests that should be liked and I may be insulting you by doing so.

She smiled and went to get me tea and water. Now I was excited by this talk. I always lusted for my didi, though she was not very attractive and now nearing 60 it was surprising that I did. But there were quite a few reasons for this. When we were kids, she may be 12, my brother and me 10, i and my brother used to play with our small cocks, though we never got them erect or get an orgasm we enjoyed whacking. Our sister once caught us touching our cocks and took us to the terrace and started playng with us. Then she showed us her cunt and asked us to finger her. Then she put her cunt on the hit wall edge, started rubbing herself. From then in we started playing with her also regularily. We used to tell each other our fantasies and enjoy. Our sister being the elder new quite a few things like she told us that she used to watch our father on top of my mother, both naked. Even she didn't know that they were fucking but she knew that they were enjoying. She even sucked our cocks and made us lick her cunt. She used to watch us suck each other.

Our fun with her stopped when after a few days we were caught once by our mother who scolded us. Our sister never again joined us but we brothers were into mutual enjoying till late teens. We always shagged each other, sucked cocks and also graduated into fucking each others asses. We always regreted not having our 3rd partner with us. We knew when she pleasured herself, we could see movements in her quilt indicating her fingering herself.

We used to fantasize about her joining us and getting laid. We could never succeed but I always nurtured the desire to fuck her. My lust increased with age possibly because the incest and badi didi(elder sister) angle excited me. Today appeared a good time to fulfill the old time-matured desire. The leotard had a great effect on me. The breasts falling out and the tight streched portion between the legs forced the fabric into the crevice there. When she turned her back going into her room to change I saw the leotard sucked in between her ass cheeks. The scene refused to go from my mind.

She returned with tea and glass of water in a tray. She bent down holding the tray when pallu slipped showing her cleavage. I was so excited I brushed her breast with the back of my palm and while picking up the glass I tripped it towards her si that water fell on her breasts and her blouse was wet. "I am sorry didi, I did it by mistake". "Arre, what else can be expected while you were concentrating on balls than on glass".

She went in and changed back into leotard. This time she didn't have a bra on, so her nipple was slightly visible. She told me that all her inners were in wash so she didnt have any option. She was smiling mischieviosly, so I commented "its ok you look better in these and visibility is better".
She saw me looking at her breasts and she also glanced below to see her nipples. She blushed and changed the topic. We were talking about the family matters but slowly I weared the topic to her exercise saying she is in such good shape why she takes extra pain. She told me she was overweight and her bottom had become big. Then we started discussing her figure. I started describing how well rounded her buttocks were and they would compete with any younger woman.

She said that her husband was no longer interested in her and he never touched her. "That may be because of his age, at 65 he may not be interested in sex". And slowly the topic went towards sex and our sexual lives.

Suddenly we were talking about our fondling and touching when kids. "I didn't have any breasts at all then and didn't know they could give me pleasure".

I grew bold and said " we didnt even have an erection and enjoyed, you loved fingering do you still do it". "I have only that to do now". Now we were moving towards what I wanted. I put my hand on her knee and said "why not find pleasure outside". She didn't remove my hand. Her breathing was gettting heavy and she was looking at my crotch. My cock was starining hard to get out because of the talk of the last 1 hour. So my bulge was very prominent. Her staring at my bulge made me bold enough to put my other hand under her chin, lift it and say "we can do what we could have done 40 years back". My other hand was slowly tracing the soft profile of her inner thigh. She whispered almost unheard "what?" "Srew" and I brushed my lip on her lip. She sighed and I kissed her fully.

Suddenly she realised what was happenning and drew away. "But I am your didi", she didnt remove my hand from her thigh so I kept on rubbing her seductively.

"Didi you need a man now and I am one. We are just man and a woman who want to fuck. You wanted our cocks and sucked them when they were very small and not even erect and now when I have a big cock hard as cock you are shying away" and I placed her hand on my cock. She did not remove it, I grew bolder and kissed her full on embracing her while I sueezed her boobs.

She moaned and I started moving my hand all over her, and slowly I opened her lips with my tongue and pushed it in. Now she squeezed my cock, pulled my zip down and grabbed my cock pulling down the underwear elastic.

Thats how we started our new brother sister relation 3 years back. I make a visit every month or she comes to Mumbai when I am on tour there. We check in as a couple and fuck our brains out.

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