The Menthol Marinade

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This technique really packs a huge payoff for very little prep work. Some women claim that different cough drops provide varying degrees of stimulation. It seems to be purely a matter of personal preference, so don't be afraid to experiment with a variety of brands and flavors.

Here's What You Need:

One mentholated cough drop, any flavor.

Here's How You Do It:

Get your woman naked.

Unwrap the cough drop and put it in your mouth. You need to give it a couple of minutes to partially dissolve; so use this time to pepper her belly, bikini line and inner thighs with little kisses.

Swirl the cough drop around in your mouth, making sure to rub the tip of your tongue against it. Now, keeping the cough drop in your mouth, gently begin to lick around the vagina, paying special attention to the clitoris. In a few moments your woman will begin to feel both the hot and cool sensation of the menthol penetrating her body.

For added stimulation, pause every minute or so and gently blow on the clitoris (the air reactivates the cooling properties of the menthol and provides a sensation most women find immensely pleasurable).

Women all over the world have gone absolutely crazy for this little ditty. Done properly, it will have her yodeling, "Ree-colaaaaaaaaa!"
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