Yes Dear!

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Story about a Cockold Hubby, that will do anything to please Her

My wife and I were in need of a bit of rest from work so we decided to go to Nashville for a quick get-a-way and maybe some fun, but that turned out to be an understatement. We have been married for nine years now and have dabbled in the Swingers lifestyle for several years with only a handful of actually nsa romps. Rachel is definitely the reluctant one when it comes to playing with others especially when it comes to allowing penetration, and frankly even our own sex life had hit a brick wall, leaving me frustrated and her at odds with her own decreased libido. I guess the old saying is true: "If mamma ain't happy, nobody's happy"

As we made our way to Nashville, Rachel cracked open a large bottle of wine I brought to hopefully get her in the mood for sex later. She decided to start the relaxing a little early as she downed a few glasses while on our way. We talked about memories and old friends, and she even changed the conversation several times toward each others sexual fantasies...agreeing that we should try harder to fulfill them. In just a few hours we were checking into our swank hotel for the night. Several gentlemen we also waiting in line behind us to checkin. Since my wife was very tipsy and the kind who is friendly to everyone, she struck up a conversation with the three good looking guys behind us asking about their business in Nashville and even complimenting them on their attractiveness, seemingly forgetting I was standing right there checking in. I was in shock as I watched the men proceeding to flirt with my lovely woman and she returned the favor even reaching out and innocently caressing the shoulder and arm of one of the hunkier fellows. She asked them were they intended on eating dinner and asked if we might join them since we were new to the Nashville scene. They eagerly agreed to let us join them and I could see by their exchanging glances that they found my wife very attractive. As I pulled from the counter I told them what room we were in and asked them to come find us when they were ready to eat.

Rachel and I headed to the room and freshened up for the evening. She immediately jumped into the shower giggling, and telling me she was so horny that she was wet. I asked her what brought this on and she reached out of the shower, smiled, and guzzled the last bit of wine in her glass. "I guess it's the wine talking or I guess I am flattered by those nice guys flirting with me at check-in". As we dressed I noticed she put on a sheer sexy blouse with no bra on and she hadn't reached for any panties either to go under her short revealing miniskirt I had bought her several years ago for our Jamaica trip. Also, she was putting extra effort into a sultry look with her make-up and drenched her body in the sweetest perfume which drives me wild and always attracts compliments. My heart began to race as my eyes took in her raw sexiness; it had been a long time since I had felt this way seeing my wife, she was a knockout with just the right amount of sheerness to her loose blouse seeing the outline of her nipples. The final touch was the four inch high heels she pulled out of the luggage, which raised her beautiful ass up in the air. As she downed another glass of blush a knock came at the door. She swung the door open I could hear an audible gasp of pleasure as our three gents feasted their eyes on my now more intoxicated wife. "Hey boys" "where's the party!" she said in her cute Southern accent, breaking their stare at her erect nipples. "I don't know what we're doing tonight but I'm sure it'll be fun" she blurted out as we left the room. We all got into their luxury rental with me in front next to the driver and Rachel slid in the middle in the back seat. As she settled in I could see that her miniskirt had ridden high enough to expose her cleanly shaven pussy, but in the state she was in she didn't seem to mind. The two men at her side shifted in their seat to get a full view and were visibly excited to be sitting next to such hot lady. The flirting was more obvious now as one of the guys gently caressed her thigh as we all laughed and talked. My wife almost seemed oblivious to their touch but I could tell she was getting extremely horny by the direction she took in the conversation. She began telling the guys of our sexual escapades while on other vacations and blurted out our most private secrets, Like how she luv'd to be fucked hard after cuming, and me being bi and wanting to be her cuckold. The men smiled at our escaping secret but Michael made the comment that him and his friends could help arrange that if we wanted. As I looked on from the front seat, a rush of emotions surged through my body; shock, embarrassment, excitement, and lust. As my wife sat between Michael and Steve each was in full-court-press touching and teasing my wife. I jokingly said "it looks like I'll have a front row seat then" but she said oh no boys, you have to wine me and dine me first.

After our lovely gourmet dinner, compliments of their business card, we headed straight for a local hot spot they knew, where the ladies have a reputation for getting wild on the dance floor and sometimes in the shadows! Rachel was still swirling from the wine earlier but the guys insisted that we do shots, which turned into more shots and lots more flirting. Within an hour we had Rachel laid on the table while we all did a belly shot off of her nearly naked body. We were all getting pretty loaded except Dirk who was the designated driver. As I returned from the men's room I saw Steve whispering in Rachel's ear while the other two looked on smiling. As I approached, Rachel said, "Why don't you ask Tom", ask me what I said? She said Steve was just asking me if you would mind if we could all go back to their suite and have some fun. As I replied I lowered my eyes towards the table and said "I'll do whatever Rachel desires" "I'm as pussy whipped as they come". That being said Rachel finished her wine in one big gulp and said "shall we go men".

The sexual tension was thick in the air when we got into the car, we had all had too much to drink and at this point my sexy wife didn't care what the guys wanted to do with her, she just wanted to be satisfied. She reached both hands out and caressed the crotches of both me, and said "who is first". I a blink of an eye Michael was unzipped and my wife leaned over and freed his massive cock. He must have been eight inches easy with a huge cut mushroom head. My horny wife quickly got on all fours and sank her lips over his thick shaft, Michael moaned as she began making love to his cock. I sat in the front seat rubbing my huge hard on, and Dirk chuckled telling everyone what I was doing. My wife lifted her head off of Michaels cock just long enough to tell me to stop rubbing, and to just be quiet and watch.

By this point, Steve had positioned himself behind my wife's ass and lifted up her mini up to expose her nice ass and wet pussy lips. He began fingering her wet slit while his other hand slid under her blouse to play with her succulent hanging tits while she continued to adore Michael's tool. This was all foreplay for what was yet to come back in their room.

As we near the hotel we all regained our composure and head straight for their luxury suite. As we walked in my wife made fun of me because of the giant wet spot on the front of my pants. She said, "Are you going to do everything I say tonight"? "Yes Dear!" I replied. As we walked into their room, Rachel commanded me to strip naked, pull a chair up close to the bed and just watch. As I quickly obeyed, a large amount of pre-cum dripped onto my leg. I sat like a pet waiting in anticipation of a sweet treat.

The men wasted no time shedding their cloths while Rachel headed for the bathroom to prepare for the wildest night of our lives. All three of the guys ranged from thirty to forty year old and as my eyes gleaned over their bodies I could see these men were serious about working out, each one had a magnificent body, which is no doubt one of the things attracted Rachel to them. Dirk and Michael were hung like horses at least eight inches and thick, and Steve sported a more modest 6-1/2 inches but he was even thicker than the other two. I knew my wife would be in heaven with these hunks tonight. I just sat there in silence as the guy's spoke of my wife and how hot she is, Steve commented how sweet her pussy smelt on his fingers from the car ride and he held his hand out and asked me if I wanted to lick them. "Yes please" as I leaned forward sucking his fingers, just then my wife appeared from the bathroom and commanded me to suck Steve's cock, and I eagerly went down on him, tasting his salty wet cock, while my eyes feasted on her loveliness. The room was strangely silent as Dirk and Michael undressed my scantily clad wife, first removing her thin blouse to reveal the most beautiful 38C breasts with her rock hard nipples. Rachel told me to stop sucking Steve and asked him to come remove her miniskirt. I sat there in awe as my beautiful reserved wife let down all her inhabitations. The three of them laid her down on the bed and gently spread her legs to reveal a perfectly shaven pussy which glistened from her sex juices. As the men ravished her body, for what seemed like an hour, Rachel grinning in pleasure looked over at me as I was leaning forward inches away from the action she said "this is how I like to be made love to". At that very moment she coo'd and arched her back as Dirk found the sweet spot in her pussy. I knew tonight would be filled with multiple orgasms from her and the men.

Dirk continued to tongue her clit while pushing his fingers deep inside to explore her G-spot. Her loud moans gave him confidence he hit the spot. Steve and Michael were not wasting a moment of pleasure, one positioned himself so my wife could suck his dripping cock while Rachel filled her hand with the others cock as he ravished her nipples and boobs.

The site of my wife with three guys at once was almost too much to bear; my cock was throbbing, wet, and straight at attention. In just a few minutes Dirk was bringing her to her first orgasm and cum she did, her hips bucking wildly as Dirk drank her juices. Knowing my wife as well as I do I knew she liked to be fucked immediately after cuming. She didn't disappoint me, She scream so loud I bet you could hear her in the hallway , "Now FUCK ME You Big Stud, Give me that HUGE COCK!" In a blink of an eye Dirk mounted her as she spread her legs as wide as she could in the air. Her eyes widened and her face had the total look of pleasure as she took his eight inch shaft all the way inside her. He thrusted his massive cock like a fucking machine in fast motion, lifting her hips with his hands while driving his dick deep in her sopping pussy, I could see he was about to cum by the look on his face; he was thoroughly enjoying my wife's pussy. Dirk wanted to fill her from the doggy position so they all switched up and he rammed his cock deep into her once again while she was bringing Steve to the point of erupting in her mouth. OMG! Dirk yelled out as he let loose a huge gush of cum into my wife's quivering pussy. All you could hear was the slosh of her pussy and her moans of pleasure as she continued to bring Steve's cock to the launching pad, 10 seconds more and Steve groaned and his eyes rolled back as he dumped his cum in Rachel's mouth, a treat very rare for me. As she stroked the last drop from his dick she rolled over on her back and looked at me with a wild eyed, ‘I've just been fucked look', and told me to get on the bed and lick Dirk's cock clean and eat his cum out of her pussy. I was so excited I almost came before I got into position; ‘my wife wanted me to eat the cum of another man out of her freshly fucked pussy', what a treat! I quickly engulfed Dirk's cock with my mouth and gave it several deep thrusts, and then got busy licking Rachel as his cum was flowing out of her gaping slit. It was very creamy and salty, and Dirk came so much I was still licking his creampie out of her ten minutes later. When I glanced up I saw the men taking their turns kissing her all over, and when she kissed them with her mouth and tongue it drove me insane with lust, I didn't want this night to end.

After finishing cleaning up my wife she told me to sit back down again, that she wanted me to watch her fuck the other guys too. As I took my familiar position she added in haste "don't play with yourself either, I don't want you cuming until I tell you to, understand." "Yes Dear" was my reply as I saw her push Michael back unto the bed, sucked his cock like a hungry slut and then she straddled his huge cock with her sopping pussy. I had never seen my wife ride a cock like that before; it was almost like she was possessed. The other guys were still busy sucking on her tits and took turns feeding their cocks in her mouth. My wife looked over at me with this pitiful look as my cock was like a rock and totally wet with pre-cum. She looked at me and told me to get down behind her, and lick Michael's shaft as she fucked him. Well, the sensation of my tongue on his cock sent him through the roof, and with several hard upward thrusts he blasted his cum into her pussy. As she dismounted his still rigid tool she ordered me onto my back where she quickly suspended her full pussy an inch above my waiting mouth. With several clenches of her pussy she deposited globs of cum in my mouth and allowed me to lick her fuck hole with my tongue. We all rested for several minutes and we each had several beers, It didn't take long for the alcohol to jolt my wife's libido again.

She looked at Steve, whose cock was about the same size as mine but much thicker, and asked him how he would like it! Steve said "I want to fuck your ass while you ride Dirk's monster cock". My jaw was on the floor, my wife is going to let two guys fuck her at once, and I am inches away. She surprised me even more, she said she wanted all three of them filling every hole, pussy, ass, and mouth! And she wanted me to use our phone to take several pictures and videos of the action.

I tried to be the best porn photographer ever, getting close-ups of Steve slowly working his thick cock in my wife's ass and I smiled as the other guys congratulated her once he was fully buried up to his balls. I took video or her sucking Michael like a star and Dirk's huge cock stretching her pussy lips, with traces of cum on his shaft as he slid in and out of her.

As the motion of all four of them increased, I knew I would be recording one of the most intense orgasms my wife would ever experience. Soon the four of them were fucking like a machines and I could tell by the loud moans that they were reaching climax almost all at the same time. All of a sudden Rachel made a muffled scream as Michaels cock exploded down her throat and her own pussy spasm'd in the most intense cum I've ever seen her experience. Her body shook all over as Michael's spent cock pulled free and she called out my name "Oh Tommy". At that instant I could see Steve and Dirk pumping wildly in her pussy and ass, both groaning in pure pleasure as they released their cum loads for a second time. As I sat there in astonishment at my wife's performance I couldn't help but think what she had in-store for me! They all rolled over lying on the bed in exhaustion, when Rachel told me to come lick her pussy clean. As I did so, Steve clean his cock from the unexpected ass fuck, when he returned my wife asked all the men to sit back and relax, that her hubby would suck each man's cock off or the man had an option to fuck my ass instead if he wished. That was a win win proposition for me because I was so excited all I wanted to do was please them and of course her. While they all laughed and talked with my wife about intimate stuff I finished licking her then I went from man to man, sucking and licking my wife's juices off their cocks. Dirk was the first one to shoot his load in my mouth and it was a huge creamy load like when I licked it out of my wife's pussy before, then I moved on to Steve who wasted no time stuffing his cock all the way in my throat, as he came he pulled out of my mouth and several huge spurts of cum shot onto my face and lips. As I looked around for my wife's approval I saw that she was videoing the entire thing, and she said I was a good boy for obeying her. Michael was the last one with his stiff eight inch cock, he told me to turn around, that he wanted my ass. Rachel smiled and said "I wanted you lick my pussy while Michael fucks you". I got on all fours and buried my face in her cum drenched pussy. Michael inserted two lubed up fingers into my ass to prepare me for his cock. Then, he slowly worked his cock in and out until he finally got the head all the way in. I was moaning in pain and pleasure, when Rachel told him to fuck me good and hard, a task that Michael was well up to. Michael sank his cock all the way inside me and was pumping me so hard my face pulsated into Rachel's clit causing her to arch her hips in excitement, I could tell she was about ready to cum which surprised me with what she already accomplished tonight. I lost all focus on what was happening at that moment. Michael increased his tempo in my ass, I could feel his cock swell as he blew his wad in my ass at the same time my wife shrieked and called out my name as her quivering pussy exploded once again forcing the last bit of the groups cum into my mouth. She immediately turned sideways on the bed and spread her legs wide for one more round of fucking from Dirk and Steve, "Fuck Meeee" she said, it was incredible to watch those studs fill her with more cum. As I lay spent, she told me to lay back and she mounted me in the 69 position and wrapped her lips around my throbbing cock. Since I hadn't cum all night I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back my load for only a few moments. As I sucked the last loads of cum out of her freshly fucked hole, I sensed my own inevitable release cuming, I filled my wife's mouth with the most cum I think she had ever received from me. She pulled out and opened her mouth to show all the guys how much cum I gave her as if it was a trophy, then she swallowed it. Then, turned back around and gave me a wild tongue-filled kiss, tasting my own semen in her mouth. Afterwards, my wife went around the room giving each man a sloppy French kiss, thanking them for making this night so memorable. Her and I quickly put our cloths on and made our way back to our room, both us well fucked and well satisfied.

Once in the room, my sexy wife practically raped me with desire, like wild animals, we fucked, and sucked, and licked, and kissed for several more hours until we both could not cum anymore. Finally, as we lay there in total sexual exhaustion and bliss she turned to me and asked if I was pleased by everything tonight, I said "Yes Dear" "I am the happiest man in the world.

End of Story
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